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Men's Grooming Essentials For Your Next Business Trip

Traveling for business can be stressful. More so, if you are continuously in transit and you need to keep looking fresh and impressionable at every meeting in your itinerary. Jet-lags, travel fatigue and the pressure of back-to-back events, can take a toll on your body, especially on your skin and hair. To ensure that you stay well turned up throughout your business trip, you would need to include a few grooming essentials in your packing checklist. When you are on the go, it is better to opt for products which are made from exotic and effective natural ingredients, and are safe on you. After all, you would not want to experiment on your personal care regimen with harsh chemicals, especially when you have more important things to take care of. 

Here’s a list of 5 must-have grooming items that would complete your business travel.


Body Wash

A tiring journey calls for a refreshing bath. Wash away the heat, sweat and fatigue from your travel with a reinvigorating shower gel. RAW NATURE’s Volcanic Gold Clay Body Wash, made with volcanic clay found in the heart of the Amazonian Rainforests, makes for a rejuvenating shower. The deep cleansing properties of natural clay, cedar wood and black pepper detoxifies and nourishes your skin, so you stay super charged all through your trip.


Night Cream

Most often than not, a busy work trip doesn’t allow us to catch up on enough sleep, thus leaving us looking dreary the morning after. You wouldn’t want to attend a critical meeting with a puffy face and a dough-like appearance, would you? Whatever little sleep you can manage in your busy schedule, you can always sneak in some time for a basic cleansing followed by a nourishing regimen. RAW NATURE’s Night Cream with Helichrysum and Sage Oil works wonders on your tired skin while you are asleep, thus reducing the fine lines and signs of aging and tiredness.


Face Wash

Whether you are traveling within the country or abroad, a face wash in your travel kit is a must. While cleaning your face gets rid of sweat and dust, it also refreshes you before you get on with your day’s itinerary once you land. Consider an exfoliating face wash like RAW NATURE’s Face Wash with Activated Charcoal and Quinoa. Its deep cleansing properties unclogs the pores, leaving your face looking noticeably cleaner and revitalizes you.


Hair Wax

Within a busy travel schedule, the last thing you need to worry about is your hairdo. But it’s important nonetheless. And that’s why there is hair wax to set it straight. RAW NATURE’s Hair Wax with Sunflower Wax works perfectly on that unruly male mane. Its natural sunflower oil extract gives your hair the right amount of conditioning while creating a fine sculpted look. The medium hold will keep it all in place, even when you are going places.  



The plight of a long flight might not be seen but you can sure feel it in the wrong areas, or rather, the most important areas. Stiff formal clothing, long hours in the air or road and thus sweat, lead to chafing, irritation and inflammation on the sensitive jock skin. Consider adding RAW NATURE’s Chamois Cream to your travel kit. It’s natural calming ingredients soothes any kind of irritation caused by friction or sweat and prevents fungal or bacterial infection, so you can relax all through your travel time and focus on the more important things on the itinerary.