10 Essential Skin And Hair Care Tips To Follow During Holi

When it comes to the festive spirit of Holi, it’s safe to say that there goes a lot more than meets the eye - colours lodged in the strangest of places included. And getting them off can certainly pose challenges of cosmic proportions. It’s all fun and games with your pals up until you come back home to severely dry, damaged skin and hair. But do not fret, Raw Nature has chalked out the most foolproof skincare tips to make sure you have a fabulous time without putting a dent in your vanity. 

  1. Time to freeze
    Hit the cold shower before your friends come knocking at your door with fistfuls of colour – this will shrink your pores and will help prevent the color from seeping in. You can also rub a cube of ice all over your face and neck for quicker results.

  2. Easy-greazy
    Get your hands on some cold pressed olive oil, coconut oil, or organic sweet almond oil to douse yourself with in order to keep the hues from sticking to your skin and hair – and yes, don’t forget to be uber-generous. Do pay extra attention to your ears, nose and nails!

  3. For them man lips 
    Don’t ignore your lips unless you want your lady friends to compare their lipstick shades with yours the day after Holi. You can either dab your mouth with lavender essential oil or apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly before getting down and dirty.

  4. Time to cover up  
    The best clothes to wear while you play are the ones you should’ve thrown away, but make sure they’re made out of cotton and cover your entire body. Opt for long sleeved tees and pants that’ll protect your skin from colour-exposure. 

  5. For the beardos
    All you bearded blokes have one thing in common – the belief that no force on earth can come between you and your man-pride, but seems like Holi has other plans. Pick from an array of beard oils and balms to keep it moisturized and protected from hazardous splashes of colour. 

  6. Guzzle-guzzle 
    Down a bottle of H2O and hydrate before you march out that door. Water delays and prevents the chemicals from percolating in your skin and also helps bid adieu to an assortment of toxins. 

  7. Grandma’s tricks
    Having trouble getting the colour off? First, rub your skin with a paste made out of fuller’s earth, milk, rose water and cinnamon, and then scrub the remaining colour off with Raw Nature’s Malt Extracts & Pepper Vanilla Body Wash – a full-bodied cleanser conjured to kill free radicals with its antioxidising properties. 

  8. Hair scare 
    Glimpses of hair being washed after Holi remind us of a gruesome crime scene, and nobody gets saved from the aftermath either. Tame your mane by applying a dime-sized blob of the Citrodora & Clarysage Oil after you’ve dried out your hair to nourish it from the root and restore its shine.

  9. Body wraps galore 
    From aloe gels to Madagascar chocolate and lemon purees, there’s a bevvy of solutions you can toss up to soothe the texture of irritated skin. You can also mash pieces of avocado, cucumber and Himalayan sea salt to create a luscious body mask that’ll help revitalize your skin from inside out. 

  10. Seal it with moisture 
    Step out of the shower and treat your body to Raw Nature’s Caramel and Cedarwood Ultra Light Moisturizer – a distinctly masculine and modern classic lotion that will leave your skin feeling completely nourished and supple within nano-seconds.

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