10 Rules To Protect Your Hair From Harsh Holi Colors

We wonder why skin care steals the spotlight during Holi every single time and hair care gets left behind backstage. Are men so stuck up with their faces that they tend to overlook the colours stuck in their hair – or do they simply ignore it because the hues tend to be more visible on their skin triggering instant panic attacks? Whatever the reasons may be, the last thing one should want is brittle, dry hair prone to scalp troubles, and dare we say it, hair-fall! We at Raw Nature take your mane very seriously and have listed out 10 cardinal rules to help you keep your hair in check and all teased up to brave the drawbacks of the most colourful time of the year. 

1) Lemon has antifungal properties and is revered to maintain scalp health, so prepping your hair with a few drops of lemon juice can boost its texture and depth. 

2) Not everybody is a fan of oil in their hair, especially when there’s an array of hair balms parading online to tempt the modern day man and his lavish needs. But massaging your scalp and hair with rosemary, castor or coconut oil can help mend hair follicles, and keep harsh colours from sticking to the shaft. 

3) You can either steam your hair or wrap a hot towel around your head after dousing it in oil – this will aid absorption and nourish it from within, leaving you with a healthy, Holi-proof hair. 

4) The once-fly-now-tacky Bandana will come of great use during the festivities, so fish out those headpieces from the depths of your closet and cover your head with it before you hit the scene. This will prevent colours from messing with your hair and protect it from the dreaded aftermath. 

5) Make sure you hit the bath immediately after you’re done with your Holi bash and rinse off the colour from your hair. Use an all-organic shampoo like Raw Nature’s Volcanic Green Clay Shampoo and condition it well before drying it off. 

6) Try not to over wash your hair as it may lead to serious drying. Wait until the next day to wash off leftover colour by oiling your hair prior to your shampoo-conditioning routine. 

7) Whisk up a homemade overnight hair mask by mixing cold-pressed olive oil, a teaspoon of honey and aloe vera gel. If you’re one of those who believe in ‘more is more’, try mashing a banana into the mix and add a few drops of coconut oil. Trust us, you’ll wake up with hair looking just like Jared Leto’s. 

8) When in doubt, raid the fridge. You can grab a bottle of beer, have a couple of sips, of course, and rinse your hair with it once flat. It’ll restore its sheen, amp up the volume, and beat down the frizz. Freshly made Mayonnaise also works wonders to nourish your strands, as it’s packed with antioxidants to provide ample strength and structure. 

9) Massage your hair with a dollop of the Citrodora & Clarysage Oil by Raw Nature to arrest signs of premature greying and hair fall. It’s enriched with ancient restorative powers and smells absolutely divine to keep you refreshed all day. 

10) Styling your hair after every treatment should be the ultimate norm in order to keep yourself looking distinctively dapper. Raw Nature’s botanical Sunflower Wax is perfect for light sculpting and obtaining your desired hairstyle with a medium hold. 

Now off you go and make a happy splash this Holi!

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