5 reasons you should care about what’s in your skincare products

You feel refreshed after every shower and shave. But do you ever ask yourself what each of your favourite skincare product contains? Not to get you wary, but what if these products that ‘feel good’ are not actually doing you good?

It’s time you find out what you are using on yourself. Here are 5 reasons why:

Safety consciousness - Most creams, lotions, and balms that you apply on your skin contain ingredients that are synthetically created, processed or induced, which can pose a serious threat to your skin as well as your internal organs. The skin is the largest organ of our body and can absorb anything. So whatever you put out there, will eventually reach inside your organs and affect them.

Being aware - You wouldn’t eat something you are not sure of. Then why put your skin through an unsure situation? Any cosmetic or regular skincare product undergoes detailed manufacturing processes, and listing each and every ingredient on the packaging is technically impossible. Hence the risk of ‘unknown ingredients’ always remains. So if you are not aware of what you are putting on your
body, it is advisable, not to.

Sustainability - Synthetic substances are not bio-degradable, thus posing a threat to the environment. From packaging to the product itself, your favourite cosmetics could be damaging your environment, without you being aware of it. And as a part of nature, you would want to do your bit to sustain the environment that you want to thrive in. 

Pocket-friendly - Creating artificial ingredients, complex formula and synthetic products are time and cost consuming. Hence the end product becomes expensive and sometimes unreasonably priced. So, why would you pay more to use something on your body that can have side-effects as well? One size doesn’t fit all- Just like everybody’s diet, exercise routine and clothes, your skincare regimen should also be unique. However, most chemical substances found in common retail skincare products can have different effects on different people. Unless you are aware of what it’s made of, you wouldn’t know what to use or to avoid. 

Skincare solutions from nature

Natural ingredients have been known to possess immense benefits to human skin, without the risk of any harmful side effects, while caring and curing your skin as needed.

Face Wash - Most face washes contain propylene glycol which can cause skin irritations. Using a face wash like RAW NATURE’s Charcoal & Quinoa Face Wash with naturally activated charcoal and detoxifying quinoa can absorb all the impurities your face is exposed to while providing nutrition that your delicate facial skin needs.

Shower gels and body wash - SLS and artificial fragrances, commonly found in body washes can be harmful if used extensively. The next time you are looking for a refreshing yet effective bath solution, you can pick a body wash with natural clay, like the RAW NATURE’s Volcanic Gold Clay body wash, which is sourced from the heart of Amazonian Rainforests and cleans without dehydrating.

Moisturizers and creams - No matter how soft and creamy most common creams and lotions are, they can never substitute the purity and goodness of natural oils. RAW NATURE’s light moisturizer with Caramel & Cedarwood provided sufficient nourishment that your masculine skin needs, while creams like RAW NATURE’s Helichrysum & Sage Oil Night Cream prevents your skin from ageing by keeping it hydrated through the night.

Below the belt - Every man needs to take care of their most critical areas and using random products with harsh chemicals for your below the belt can pose a risk. Opting for a naturally sourced product like RAW NATURE’s Cedarwood & Lavender Anti-chafing cream can take care of the dryness around your jock areas. Lavender is known for its antiseptic and soothing properties while cedarwood heals the

So, next time you are at the pharmacy or buying online, don’t forget to read the product contents so you
know what not to buy! Or simply switch to botanical products.

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