5 ways to wake up looking fresh & young

It is indeed an ideal situation to imagine waking up on time, feeling clear-headed and ready to hit the daily battlefield. Most often than not, we tend to push ourselves to wake up with a not-so-good night's sleep and rush through the morning routine and go about our day. The result? Feeling fuzzy and pulled down when the daily grind strikes in. Consider a healthy nightly and morning-after the routine to keep you supercharged up through the day.

Stress and fatigue have a way of showing on your skin. Starting from your sleeping habits, to food intake and skincare regimen, here are 5 simple ways to combat signs of fatigue and wake up looking fresh and youthful.

Get an early start

Make it a practice to clean your face a few hours before you hit the bed. Because there’s more blood flow to your skin at night, and cleaning and moisturizing treatment will work better while you are snoozing. Get rid of the day’s sweat and grime with a cleanser packed with exotic natural ingredients. Consider RAW NATURE’s Volcanic Red Clay Face Wash with volcanic minerals, which heals your skin from breakage and keeps your skin hydrated, thus making you look revived and noticeably cleaner all through the day.

Eat well to sleep well

The equation between food and sleep has always been simple. A good dinner gets you a good sleep and good sleep brings a good start of the day. Make sure your dinner consists more of protein and essential vitamins and less of starchy, sugary substances. Dermatologists suggest that consuming compound carbs before bedtime can cause, the dough-like texture of your skin, keeping you feeling puffy and bloated. Avoid them!

Clean – Tone – Moisturize

An age-old, standard skincare routine which your female counterparts have been following for years, and maybe, it’s time for you to join the bandwagon. Have a cold morning shower with a deep cleansing bath product like the RAW NATURE’s Volcanic Gold Clay Body Wash, whose invigorating natural ingredients will keep you refreshed all day long. Follow it with a skin toner and RAW NATURE’s Ultra-Light Moisturizer with Caramel and Himalayan Cedarwood thereafter, to keep your skin hydrated without any greasy feeling.

Stay well hydrated

It’s needless to say that there’s nothing more cleansing than water. Drink plenty of water through the day before you go to bed and also after you wake up. Having a glass of water right after you wake up is said to boost metabolism and fights signs of fatigue. While warm water helps in cleansing your intestines, the cold water forces the body to work a little harder to achieve your neutral body temperature.

For your eyes only

Most of the times, you might observe that you wake up with puffy eyes, dark circles and slight heaviness in your eyes. That’s nothing but simply tired eyes. Due to constant usage of devices, we strain our optical nerves which deserves a little TLC [tender loving care] at the end of the day. Stay away from your phone, tab or laptop right before you hit the bed, as far as possible. Try using a cold tea bag or spoon on your eyes a few hours before sleeping time. It will help cool your eyes and soothe any inflammation caused by stress or heat.

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