6 Benefits of Volcanic Clay for Hair and Skin

The volcanoes are perhaps one of the most fascinating natural phenomena. As formidable and invincible it is, what it leaves behind is equally or more incredible. Volcanic Clay or popularly known as Bentonite Clay is formed by the ageing of ashes and water and works as an elixir for the human body. This naturally found substance is rich in minerals and healing properties thus offering manifold benefits to your skin and hair.

Benefits of Volcanic Clay

Unclogs pores
 - Clay is known to be highly effective for acne-prone skin. The naturally found magnesium, silica and water, found in entonite helps in unclogging pores, thus preventing acne and outbreaks on the male skin.

Detoxifies - The natural minerals present in the ash, removed the impurities that your skin gathers from heat, sweat and pollution while providing the much-needed nourishment. 

Exfoliates - Bentonite contains a generous amount of natural silica and pumice, which are nature’s version of ‘scrubs’. This helps to exfoliate the tough male skin and remove blackheads and dead skin cells, without leaving your skin dry.

Cleanses - Organic clay has been known to man for its cleansing properties. Volcanic clay with abundant minerals and salt, works as a natural cleanser, without any side effects.

Restores elasticity - With high silicon content, found in this earthy substance, volcanic clay helps tighten your pores, thus restoring your collagen and preventing ageing of the male skin.

Ethically mined - Volcanic clay is naturally found in all volcanic sites and mountainous regions around the world. Because there are no artificially induced substances in its sourcing, Bentonite is mined ethically, thus ensuring the safety of our people and natural habitation.

Volcanic Clay for Men’s Grooming

RAW NATURE has enabled the millennial man to reap the goodness of this incredible natural ingredient by infusing its properties in its range of Volcanic Clay based hair and skin solutions. Each of such solution is made from activated clay, sourced from the heart of volcanoes across the planet, blended with state-of-the-art techniques and technology, to suit your every grooming need.

RAW NATURE Volcanic Gold Clay Body Wash - A body washes for every man who wants to feel close to nature. Made with activated gold clay from the Amazonian Rainforest, this daily use shower solution is infused with the toning properties of Cedarwood and Black Pepper, so every wash leaves you feeling rejuvenated and supercharged.

RAW NATURE Volcanic Green Clay Face Wash - Made with ingredients sourced from ancient muddy pits of Brazil, this full-bodied, green clay face wash is for men with an oily-skin issue. The natural minerals found in this cleanser, exfoliates your facial skin from daily dust and sweat, thus keeping whiteheads, blackheads and acne at bay.

RAW NATURE Volcanic Red Clay Face Wash - Formulated for men with dry skin, this earthy and resinous face wash is formulated with volcanic clay sourced from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The low-foaming and intensely moisturizing cleanser work delicately on the dryness while providing hydration and reducing fine lines, crow’s feet and under-eye darkness.

RAW NATURE Volcanic Green Clay & Acai Oil Shampoo - Crafted with the power of Brazilian green volcanic clay and goodness of the super fruit Acai Berry, this shampoo addresses men with oily scalp and hair. The cleansing properties of clay keep your scalp free of grease while the Acai Berry provides the needed nourishment to your male mane.

Apart from natural properties and organic richness of their botanical products, RAW NATURE also ensures that every product tops the ‘Natural Score’ and are EcoCert certified. So, you get nothing but the best to make your skin care and hair care regimen highly effective. And when you allow nature to take care of your grooming, you stay decidedly handsome and your dapper best, all day long.

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