6 exotic ingredients that make RAW NATURE products unique

RAW NATURE finds its niche within the nooks and crannies of Mother Nature and harnesses the curative powers of its bountiful ingredients. Most of these botanical extracts are steeped in benefits and are highly effective for your skin and hair health. These ingredients, in their truest essence, make our products extraordinary.
Here are our 6 best ingredients that make RAW NATURE products unique:

Volcanic Clay from Brazil

Fascinating, yet intimidating natural phenomena, volcanoes leave behind incredible materials. The cooled ash, when naturally mixes with rain or other water bodies form Clay- a newfound elixir for the human body. Rich in minerals and healing properties, Volcanic Clay is one of the best treats for your skin. RAW NATURE derives this exceptional clay from the ancient muddy pits of Brazil, where the volcanoes died years ago, leaving a mineral-rich residue. The clay unclogs pores, cleans, exfoliates and restores the elasticity of your skin, leaving your skin radiant and youthful. For example, RAW NATURE’s Gold Clay Body Wash, a daily body cleanser infused with the supercharged mud from Amazonian rainforests. When blended with Cedarwood and Agarwood, it becomes a deep cleansing wash that rejuvenates and hydrates your skin.

Acai Oil

An ancient super-fruit, discovered in this century, Acai Berry is known for its high medicinal and therapeutic values. The oil, when extracted from the berries, become an even more powerful ingredient that promotes the growth of your hair, conditions and protects skin from natural aggressors. We use the power of Acai Berries, hand-picked from the heart of Amazon and blend it in RAW NATURE’s Beard Wash. Acai Berry, being a detoxifying fruit, helps control hair-fall The rich, dark oil helps retain the natural oils of your beard and the skin underneath.


Also called the ‘Immortal Flower’, Helichrysum is a bright yellow wildflower, found in the sun-soaked meadows of the Mediterranean region. In their local belief, it is said that these flowers were dried and offered to the Greek Gods. Spiritually significant or not, Helichrysum does have plenty of medicinal and beauty benefits. The extracts, when derived naturally and its raw form, give relief from sunburn, acne and skin inflammations. Their natural antibiotic and antifungal properties keep irritations at bay. Find this herbaceous goodness in RAW NATURE’s Night Cream, infused with Helichrysum and Sage Oil. The absorbent and indulgent night cream works as an anti-oxidant, anti-ageing solution that works through the night and reduces age spots, fine lines, and dark circles.


Also called Citriodora, is a wild herb endemic to Western Australia, is a local traditional solution for hair concerns. Used by the natives to treat dandruff and hair loss, the extracts of this precious plant have found their way into modern grooming products. At RAW NATURE, we infuse the fresh lemony scent of Citrodora in our all-natural hair oil. Made from the highly effective Citrodora extracts, along with six other essential oils, this exotic concoction is naturalized in the Darling Range of Australia. The curative properties of this herb help fight premature greying of hair and inhibit hair fall while improving hair quality with more strength and shine.

Malt Extract

Also popular for brewing beer, malt extracts are rich in selenium which helps restore the elasticity of your skin and keep it toned. Also high on natural zinc content, the extracts heal and repair skin from inflammation and mild breakages. At Raw Nature, we use the therapeutic properties of malt by infusing its extracts in our luxurious body wash. RAW NATURE’s Body Wash is enriched with Malt extracts and infused with essential oils of vanilla and black pepper. A daily, liberal bath with this botanical cleanser can kill the free radicals and protect your skin from harmful elements of the atmosphere.

Sunflower Wax

One of nature’s most gifted sources of oils, a sunflower is loaded with goodness. The wax derived from the sunflower oil is the best natural styling product. RAW NATURE’s Hair Wax is made with this exotic floral extract. The naturally sourced wax not only fixes unmanageable hair but also provides nourishment with its botanical properties. Being pure and natural, the wax does not stick, but still gives a medium hold.
While we bring you the most exotic and exclusive natural elements, we ensure that each of them is naturally and ethically derived, so we continue to enjoy the gifts of nature and make your products more sustainable

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