Are Your Grooming Products Toxic? Here's How to Tell

We all have our assortment of personal care and grooming products, dedicated to our skin, care and body, throughout the day. From shampoo and conditioner to deodorants, lotions, face washes, creams and more, we are subject to more than 100 chemical substances on a daily basis. And most of these are considered to be toxins, carcinogens, and environmental aggressors.

Though these products make you feel noticeably cleaner and look better (apparently), do you often wonder what each of these products contains? Studies show that commonly available personal care products have harmful chemicals and potentially dangerous substances, lurking inside them, that can seep through your skin and hair and into your body. So, how would you know if your favourite shampoo or that exotic smelling lotion is toxic or not?

Know the toxic chemicals

Before you shop for your favourite personal care paraphernalia, look for these names in the ingredient list:

Artificial colours - That lavender coloured shampoo that you love your hair to smell of, might not contain lavender at all but just an artificially infused colour. Most soaps, shampoos, and salves are made colourful to make it more appealing. Derived from strong chemical fusions, these colours can cause skin irritations, headaches, and even dizziness when used over a longer period. Similarly, the alluring fragrances of these products also come from artificial substances and nothing natural.

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate – Or commonly called SLS, is one of the widely used chemicals in most cleansing products like face wash, body washes, and shampoo. Research has proved SLS to have a ‘degenerative effect on your cell membranes’. This means that products containing SLS can wash off the proteins from your skin and hair, if subject to prolonged use.

Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES) - When SLS is fused with Ethylene Oxide, it becomes SLES- a substance that lets your hair and body cleanser lather, so you get a foamy wash and get a feeling of ‘thorough cleaning’. But extended exposure to SLES laden products can cause eye irritations or even affect your lungs.

Paraben – Have you ever imagined how your moisturizer stays intact in the bottle for so long? Or your shampoo never loses its colour? It’s because they are preserved with Paraben- another name that you need to look for when you buy a grooming product. The result of years of lab experiments, paraben is said to contain chemically created estrogen and poses a possible threat of breast cancer.

MEA, DEA & TEA – Also grouped as Ethalomine compounds, it is important to know their side effects. Most creams, shampoos, soaps, and lotions contain MEA, DEA, and/or TEA. Extensive use of products high in these chemicals can cause long-term skin concerns, dry and damaged hair and nails.

Petrolatum - Also commonly known as petroleum jelly, this is a by-product of petroleum. Petrolatum works as a thickening and saturating agent for your cosmetics by product and can cause blockage of pores, and premature ageing of the skin, if used for an extended period.
These are just a few names that you should stay away from. However, there are more than making to this list like- Triclosan, Formaldehyde, Toluene, sunscreen chemicals, and similar. You can also look at such harmful chemicals in your personal care merchandise when picking your next soap or shampoo.

Consider organic solutions

A safer alternative, however, is to switch to natural hair and skin solutions that are made with botanical extracts. Not only are these better for your body, but also sustainable, economical and customized to your skin and hair needs.

Save your precious skin and hair from prolonged exposure to elements as harmful as above and opt for all-natural products. Opt for RAW NATURE’s collection enriched with exotic and highly effective botanical ingredients. Infused with wild harvested and ethically sourced substances like clay, minerals, herbs, fruits and flowers, each of these components retain their rawest form. So, you get the most natural nourishment and hydration for your hair and skin. Also, since each of the ingredients is biodegradable, these natural grooming products are also safe for the environment. So you can thrive in the healthier surrounding.

Just as you would be doubly sure of what you put in your mouth, you also need to be careful of what you use on your hair and skin. Because it takes as less as 26 seconds for such chemicals to reach your bloodstream!

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