How would you like your coffee? With a great beard, of course.

Thinking your face is the perfect breeding ground for a stylish beard? Done with a clean-shaven look? Thinking beards are the man thing? Off late everyone from the boy next door to a male celebrity has been growing a beard for a style statement or fashion makeover. On the other hand, there has been a lot of talk about beards for all the wrong reasons too. Going by the latest report, a man’s beard is as dirty as the fur of a dog. Now how does it feel to sport one? Relax, don’t sweat. Here’s what you need to do for a perfect beard:


Beard maintenance is no mean feat  

Can you grow a beautiful garden without maintenance? Imagine not planting, watering and mowing it regularly, and the result? It will look like a wild forest, to say the least. A beard also needs the right grooming to stay in shape and look stylish. Here’s what you can do:


Set your beard goals

Want the goatee, handlebar or the Van Dyke? The first step is to plan the right beard for you. One that fits well with your face and persona.


Let the barber handle it 

When we are ill, we seek a health specialist. Similarly, when you need beard treatment, you should discuss with a barber.     


Use the right beard products like a coffee bean beard oil 

You always thought that coffee was great in a cuppa. Well, it turns out that coffee does more than just stimulate your brains. It stimulates beard growth too. It revitalizes and rejuvenates your hair growth. The result -  suave and elegant beards that make the right impression, effortlessly. 


So where do I get it?  

At the click of a button, from

Raw Nature’s Coffee Bean Beard Oil offers a rich brew of natural ingredients like the aromatic Arabica coffee bean oil, which stimulates beard growth. It’s not just the fragrance, this Beard Oil offers a powerful revitalizing and rejuvenating effect on your beard. It strengthens and conditions from the very roots.


Why Raw Nature’s Coffee Bean Beard Oil makes the ‘cut’?


Say goodbye to frizzy and rough facial hair 

Beard hair is very different from the hair above your temple. It has a rougher, tougher and uneven texture. That’s why it requires the extra care and grooming. The unique extracts of Coffee Bean Beard Oil smoothens the beard making it soft and easy to maintain.


A great combination of health and style

The Arabica coffee bean oil is the ultimate beard growth tonic. It leaves you with a rich sheen, uniform growth and suave appearance of your tache and whiskers. Get ready for compliments!


Clean from stubble to a full-grown beard 

The natural oils and ingredients of the coffee bean oil ensure that your beard not only shines from the outside but remains clean from the inside. After all, you are growing a beard, not germs or diseases. This oil keeps your beard clean, lean and mean.


Eco and beard-friendly ingredients 

Raw Nature’s Coffee Bean Beard Oil is a natural beard growth formula with the finest ingredients from mother earth. After all, you deserve nothing less than the purest. We don’t mix nature with chemicals, preservatives or additives.  We use ingredients that are strictly within safe permissible limits as prescribed by ECOCERT.


How to apply it?

Take 3 to 5 drops of Coffee Bean Beard Oil and apply it all over your beard in a circular motion. Leave it in, post wash, for styling your beard.


Ready for the brew?

So, to all those coffee and beard lovers, here’s the perfect beard formula for you. And it’s not just beard oil. Raw Nature offers a range of grooming products like shampoo, body wash, skin care products, soap, face wash and much more. Up your style, naturally. 

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