Chafing and Chamois Treatment- What every one needs to know

Surprising as it may seem, a few things are still a taboo in our social communication, take below the belt issues, for example.

If you are an athlete or even a regular guy with a sedentary lifestyle, you would know the pain of chafing. For the ones unaware, chafing is a skin condition caused by irritation around your inner thighs and your delicate areas. For some reason, most are tend to ignore the problem, and few even discuss it. But you might not even realize the harmful implications of ignoring the most sensitive areas of your body.
Chafing mostly happens due to constant friction between your skin and innerwear fabrics, or due to rubbing of skin on the skin while you are engaging in any physical activity, especially if you are a heavier body type. The rawness of the prolonged rubbing and abrasion can cause peeling and bleeding, thus leading to serious dermatological issues.

Another below the belt skin condition is chamois rash. As unpleasant as it may sound, this is a perpetual problem for most cyclists, cross-trainers, and people in similar professions. Hot weather and long hours on the saddle causes moisture to collect around the sensitive areas leading to blisters and rough skin.

Treating chafing and chamois issues

Now, no one talks about these conditions- not in the locker room, not even over a beer. So, how do you find out the best cure for those extreme zones?

Well, to start with, there are plenty of home remedies that can help you keep chafing at bay or treat it at the initial stages. Here are some of the best remedies to your below the belt skin conditions:

Keep clean- Cleanliness is not only Godliness but the best hygiene practice. Ensuring that you keep the most sensitive parts of your body clean, can help you keep chafing and other skin irritations at bay. Cleaning the affected area with a mild cleanser to wash off the sweat also soothes the skin.

Dust with an anti-fungal powder- Apply a powder like the Raw Nature’s Friction-defense talc spray, made with natural antibacterial ingredients like Eucalyptus, tea-tree oil and mint. Mint and tea tree oil are known for absorbing excess moisture, without drying your skin, while Eucalyptus calms the irritation, itching and treats abrasion. Made with such highly effective natural ingredients, this talc treats and heals the sensitive skin and prevents fabrics from sticking to the skin. Available in a spray-talc format, it allows easy and no mess
application, so you have a handy solution for your sensitive zones.

Treat it with ointment or cream- Whether its prevention or treatment, naturally sourced ingredients work the best on our skin, especially the sensitive zones. Consider applying a cream like Raw Nature’s chafing ease cream, made with active ingredients like Cedarwood and lavender. Cedarwood is known for its antifungal and sedative properties, while lavender inhibits bacterial growth and soothes the irritated skin. Blended with such exotic yet effective natural formulation, this cream can prevent itching, while treating the raw skin, all without the side effects of any harmful chemicals, so you can go about your day, without a worry. 

Apply ice packs- Ice packs are known to treat any skin issues, quickly and easily. Though a temporary solution, applying a cooling ice-pack for few minutes, on the affected area can soothe a serious bruise and rawness, caused throughout the day.

Run a warm bath- A warm water bath with a few drops of natural, essential oils is not only therapeutic but also works as an emollient on your rough skin. The oils keep your skin moisturized while the warm water helps in proper blood circulation, helping in treating the affected areas.

Wear the right clothes- Thanks to innovation, and evolution of active-wear, you can now curb chamois rashes and chafing to a great extent. Ensure that you wear dry-fit clothes or cycling shorts made of synthetic fibres while working out, cycling or running. Cotton or similar fabrics tend to stick to the skin, thus causing irritation and bruises.

Keep yourself hydrated- As much as the external application is important, treating anything on our body starts internally. Keeping yourself hydrated, especially in the warm weather or if you are living in a tropical climate, can help your skin breathe better, thus, preventing skin conditions in your jock areas. 

Get exercising- Exercise, they say, is a solution to most problems in our body. Most often than not, the inner thighs tend to rub onto each other, if you are muscles are loose and not toned enough. Working on your glute muscles with lower-body exercises will not only keep your legs strong and well-toned but also create an air gap between the thighs, to avoid them from skin-on-skin friction.

One cannot always be too careful. And that is why there are remedies. However, the best way to treat our bodies is with naturally found substances that are harmless and more therapeutic. With the right ingredients and proper care, we can find an easy and healthy lifestyle, which can keep our mind, body and soul in balance. 

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