Essential Grooming Steps You're Definitely Overlooking

Every man has his own standard morning routine - brush, shave, shampoo and shower. And that pretty much sums up your grooming regimen to go about your day. However, you might need to reassess your routine every now and then to ensure you are not missing out on the essential grooming steps.

Consider these few overlooked aspects of your daily personal care practice which can make you look decidedly handsome –

Beard care

Of course, you tend to your facial fur but only when you are at your barber’s. Ever thought of giving a conditioning treatment to your beard? Made with exotic natural ingredients, RAW NATURE’s beard oils can help you groom your beard better. Choose from two varieties – Coffee Bean Beard Oil, which adds lustre to your beard hair and stimulates growth and the Patchouli & Cinnamon Beard Oil, which conditions your beard.


As far as skin care is concerned, men mostly stick to the standard grooming ritual – cleaning and shaving or an occasional moisturizer when the chilly weather hits in. But prolonged exposure to the elements and pollution can weaken even the tautest skin. The most ignored regimen is the night time skin care, which tends to be highly effective and helps reduce fine lines while working as an anti-oxidant, protecting your skin from the onslaught of heat and dust, the morning after. Consider RAW NATURE’s Night Cream with Helichrysum and Sage Oil, which is intensely hydrating to your skin and helps reduce fine lines, thus keeping your age under the wraps or cream in this case.

Below the belt care

Fellowmen, if you must prioritize one hygienic habit in your daily care of yourself, it needs to be for those sensitive areas below the belt. Not only those areas are more prone to chafing, rashes and irritations from long hours of fabric friction, but ignoring your jock care could prove harmful in the long run. Include RAW NATURE’s Chamois Cream in your grooming regimen. Its anti-chafing properties help prevent irritation and acts as a barrier against inner-thigh friction. 

Oral care

If brushing twice or simply once (for most people) could be the ultimate caretaking for your teeth, then dentistry would cease to be a practice. With fast food and faster moving life, we cannot always manage to take care of our pearly whites as much as we should. But we need to. Make sure that you follow a regular brushing, flossing and rinsing routine at least twice a day and get rid of those extra food particles, sugary substances and stains from caffeinated drinks. And in case you don’t remember the old adage – a woman always notices two things first in a man – his shoes and his smile; maybe it’s high time to include serious oral care in your regular grooming process.

Nail Care

You might be wrong if you think ‘nail care’ only refers to clipping them when they grow longer. Imagine yourself to be all suited up, hair trimmed and beard styled, but your nails not so great. That would not be a great impression to make, would it? Make it a practice to trim your nails whenever they start crossing your fingers; that way they wouldn’t get unmanageable or look unkempt. Also try to file your nails once after clipping, to avoid snagging and chipping from the edges and give your hands a smoother and more polished look. And don’t forget to keep your nail clipper and filer clean to avoid infections.

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