Find your Soapy Soul mate

Don’t we all love a foamy, fragrant, and refreshing soap that keeps us reinvigorated for the day? And if the soap also works wonders for your skin, then it further enhances your bath time experience. At RAW NATURE, we understand the importance of nature’s bounties and how each element can contribute to your skin health. That is why we source the most exotic botanical ingredients and extracts and blend them into organic, 100% vegan soaps, handcrafted to give you a refreshing feeling, even hours after a shower.

Here’s what you need to know to discover your soapy soul mate. Made for different skin types, the potent natural ingredients in each of these soaps address the respective skin concerns, making your skin look radiant and nourished after every wash.

Acne-prone Skin: RAW NATURE Lemon Eucalyptus Soap
If your skin looks shiny after repeated washes and often faces breakouts, redness, and inflammation, then know that you have acne-prone skin.

To address excessively oily skin which is highly prone to acne, Lemon Eucalyptus soap is your solution. Infused with essential oils of the lemon eucalyptus herb, zinc, and lunar silver, this aromatic soap bar effectively removes acne without causing roughness to your skin. The natural oils of lemon eucalyptus are rich in anti-bacterial properties, which detoxify your skin and prevent further breakouts, by controlling oil secretion. The natural cooling effect of zinc and lunar silver soothes redness and rashes. Formulated for daily use, you can use this soap on your face and body.

Oily Skin: RAW NATURE Activated Charcoal Soap
Oily skin is easy to identify with greasy feel around the nose, forehead, and chin, throughout the day. This makes your skin pores get easily blocked, causing blackheads etc. That is why you need a naturally derived substance like activated charcoal which is known for its ability to absorb oil and control sebum secretion.

The Activated Charcoal Soap helps remove impurities from dust, heat, pollution, and environmental aggressors, thus leaving your skin soft and supple. When used on the face, the fine charcoal granules work as gentle exfoliating agents which help remove blackheads. Blended with peppermint and rosemary, this dark-coloured soap bar leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean, without irritating the skin surface. The astringent properties of peppermint and Rosemary, deep cleanse the pores and increase skin elasticity. Free of harmful chemicals, this 100% vegan soap is great for daily use on face and body.

Tired skin: RAW NATURE Brazilian Green Clay Soap
If your skin feels tender to touch, has fine lines, and is easily prone to breakage and inflammation, then you have tired skin. Such skin needs detoxification to reduce premature ageing and increase collagen.

Give your skin a nourishment boost with Brazilian Clay soap. Since ancient civilizations, clay has been known for its natural healing properties. Made with green clay from the heart of Brazilian volcanoes, this soap helps clean and tighten the skin pores. The extracts of fresh basil infused in the formula help in toning and reducing inflammation, thus soothing your tired skin. Handcrafted with 100% vegan substances, this soap is perfect for regular use on face and body.

Dry and sensitive skin: Red Clay & Wild Argan Oil Soap
If your skin feels dry and chaffed, immediately after washing, then you might have dry skin, which is also sensitive to harsh cleansers. That is why you need intense nourishment and hydration which leaves your skin soft even after repeated washes.

The Red Clay and Wild Argan oil soap is the ultimate nutrition for dry and sensitive skin. Red clay, sourced from ancient volcanoes of Brazil, gently cleanses your skin. The oils of Moroccan Argan nuts are rich in natural moisturizers which gently nourishes your sensitive skin and keeps it hydrated all day long.

Each of these soaps is handcrafted using 100% vegan and naturally derived substances, which are gentle on your skin and highly effective for your skin type. So, you can easily use these soap bars on your face (as a face wash) and body (as a bath soap) and let your skin experience a healthy glow, naturally!

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