First steps towards safer grooming products

On any given day, search for ‘product safety’ and your screen will overflow with blogs, editorials, polls on natural products and organic ingredients and how good they are. Of course, resorting to natural ingredients is better for our health as well as the environment that we live in. More so, with the deliberation for years, on effects of artificial substances on our body. As research keeps unfolding the potential dangers of harmful chemicals used in most personal care and cosmetic products, it gives rise to organic brands and the evolution of products with natural ingredients. While on the other hand, another school of research also considers any or all organic substance to be unfit for every individual. Sounds like a bottleneck situation, doesn’t it? So, what do you as a consumer, do, who is obviously concerned about side effects of your products, yet you cannot stop buying products to maintain and treat your skin, hair and body?

In the process of fuelling the chemical vs. organic battle, most people forget to talk about the most important thing about cosmetic products, that is- its ‘safety’ quotient. Safety is an overarching concern- irrespective of natural or artificial elements. Natural substances are undoubtedly good for health and using more organic products and ingredients sourced from the heart of nature, will only be good for your body, over the long run. But not all natural products are meant to be used on the human body and not safe enough to be used directly. International and global regulation standards of cosmetics, toiletries and personal care items, require each ingredient, natural and/or synthetic/chemical, to be evaluated for efficacy and safety.

Safety, like security, is not only in the product but in the process as well

To make things simpler, and for you to embark on your journey of adopting safe organic solutions, you need to ensure two basic components of your personal care products. It is recommended to opt for personal care and cosmetic products that have undergone ‘product safety’ compliances and have been marked off as appropriate to be used on your skin and hair. Additionally, as a conscious consumer, you should also be aware of the organic composition of the product of your choice.

The question brands today and their respective users need to ask is- Does the ingredient or product in question have the potential to harm your health, and if so, in what way and at what levels? However, this is not as simple as it sounds. Even if you know, as an end-user, you cannot evaluate the risk level of a particular ingredient of your favourite shampoo or moisturizer. That is where product certification supports your findings. EcoCert- the first inspection and certification body for sustainable development in India. Products and brands falling under EcoCert standards of ‘natural and organic cosmetics’ can be considered safe and relied upon.

Natural composition
Then comes the aspect of a ‘Natural Score’. New age grooming brands for men like RAW NATURE, believe and follow a natural score for each of their botanical formulation. Such a score is simply derived by taking into account, the ingredients used in formulating each product. Almost all raw materials are natural or naturally sourced. And the other ingredients used to complete the organic formulae are also standardized as per Ecocert's norms, by evaluating its safety data through R&D. This not only ensures the safeness of your favourite product but also the stability of the same. The Natural Score, therefore, remains as a reflection of the percentage of organic substance in the end product. To cut the long story short, as a conscious customer, rather than looking as artificial vs. natural, as black and white, you might want to look at the effectiveness of the ingredients, the type of ingredients that are used, whether they are harmful to you or not and how they are sourced, so you know what you are investing in for your precious skin, hair and body. After all, every man deserves nothing but the best to keep looking their handsome best!

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