Grooming that makes a difference

“Grooming is the secret of real elegance…”- Christian Dior

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the most handsome of all? Well, the fact of the matter is, every man is handsome in his own way, but the one who is well-groomed, is always prominent and noticeable. However, the question often lingering in every man’s head is, how do you make yourself look decidedly handsome, every time you are out there?

Targeted Grooming

The trick to right grooming and what makes the actual difference is not how much time you spend in from of the mirror or how many products you dab on your face, body and hair. It’s all and only about using the right product (or products for that matter) for the right purpose. Every man needs to know what they are using and how, and groom themselves in a manner that will make all the difference to
your persona. 

Now, the next question you need to ask is what kind of product you should use. Surprisingly, the number of men’s personal care products available today are equally overwhelming as your female counterparts’. The first step to finding your favourite is to look for the safety of products. Most cosmetic products are dunked in harsh chemicals which can pose a threat to your precious skin and hair. The safer bet is to opt for organic ingredients and naturally sourced products that address your personal care needs and conditions.

Organically sourced botanical products from RAW NATURE are screened for maximum efficacy and safety, so you never compromise on comfort and stay looking your handsome best! Here’s your checklist of probable grooming concerns and their solutions:

Dry Skin - Men with dry skin have a tendency to lose moisture easily thus causing fine lines and wrinkles. Naturally found volcanic clay can be a saviour for such conditions. Clay has been known to hydrate and nourish rough skin while maintaining its elasticity.

Recommended Product - RAW NATURE Red Clay Face Wash, infused with volcanic clay from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, provides the needed nourishment and hydration to your face and helps restore your skin’s radiance.

Oily Skin – As opposite condition to dry skin, this is a problem persists with most Indian men. The excess sebum secretion of oily skin, clogs pores of your skin thus leading to breakouts, acne and spots. 

Recommended Product - RAW NATURE’s Green Clay Face Wash made with Brazilian volcanic clay, helps unclog pores of the tougher male skin your skin and purifies it of dust, pollutants and sweat, that you gather over the day’s grind. The healing properties of clay treat your whiteheads and blackheads, so your face stays blemish-free.

Beard Conditions - Like power, great beards come with the great responsibility of caring and keeping the mane in shape. And every hirsute man would agree to that. Your facial mane needs the same care and nourishment as your hair. However, growth, texture and manageability seem to be every bearded man’s concern.

Recommended Products - Beard Oils containing caffeine like RAW NATURE’s Coffee Bean Beard Oil, promotes hair growth by providing nourishment. Made from fragrant Arabica coffee, this naturally infused oil adds fragrance to your facial hair while keeping the roots strong.
If the frizzy and hard texture of your beard is your biggest concern, then RAW NATURE’s Patchouli & Cinnamon Beard Oil could be your solution. The richness of cinnamon helps soften the hair follicles while the spicy hint of patchouli promotes itch-free growth.

Below the belt – The areas below your belt are not only the most critical but also highly prone to rashes, irritations, itching and chafing, caused by heat, sweat, rough fabrics etc. over a long day. Hence your jock areas need as much care as you would for any other part of your body. And because the skin around these areas is more sensitive, treating them on time can save you from further issues.

Recommended Products - When treating below the belt concerns, you need to be careful about the ingredients of your products. Natural solutions like RAW NATURE’s Chamois Cream and RAW NATURE’s Chafing Ease Cream contain botanical extracts and essential oils like cedarwood and lavender, whose antiseptic and healing properties soothe irritations from friction and cure chafed the skin.

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