Gym-Bag Essentials To Keep You Looking & Smelling Fresh

Most men hit the gym right in the morning after they wake up or in the evening, post work. It’s a great way to ensure a healthy routine, stay fit and look great. But what’s also important and a challenge in a way is to look well put together even after a toiling workout session.

Your gym-bag obviously has your sneakers, active wear, water or a post-workout drink, water and so on. Ever considered you need a few more must-have items in your bag so you stay and keep smelling fresh even after you are out of the gym? Maybe, it’s time to add these grooming essentials to your daily gym-bag.

If this is your first time indulging in personal care, start with chemical-free products, made with exotic natural ingredients, that will keep your hair and skin nourished and well kept, without the side-effects.

Face Wash- From excessive sweating due to your workouts, the pores of your facial skin open up and you need to tone them up right after. Add a bottle of face wash to your gym supplies. RAW NATURE’s Activated Charcoal Face wash with Quinoa, helps in exfoliating and detoxifying your facial skin after a rigorous exercise routine.

If you have dry skin, opt for the Volcanic Red Clay Face Wash by RAW NATURE, which will keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. If your skin tends to be on the oily-combination side, there’s the RAW NATURE’s Volcanic Green Clay Face Wash, made from Brazilian minerals to keep your face feeling fresh all day long.

Body wash- Of course there are shower gels available in the gym shower. But isn’t it better to keep your personal favourite? Keep a smaller pack of your regular body wash, or one containing aromatic herbs like peppermint, so whenever you hit the gym shower, you come out with a whiff of yourself. Consider RAW NATURE’s Volcanic Gold Clay Body Wash straight from the Amazonian Rainforest for a deep cleansing and reinvigorating experience.

Beard wash- For the ones with hirsute persuasions, a beard wash is not an option but a necessity, especially after an episode of profuse sweating. Because beard hairs tend to be thicker than the rest of the body, it needs more cleaning and regularly so. A bottle of RAW NATURE’s Bamboo Charcoal & Acai Oil beard shampoo is highly effective in doing the job for you. It cleanses, conditions and stimulates the growth of your facial mane. Don’t we all need a little pampering?

Deodorant- Need we say more about the importance of deodorant after a gym session? It’s almost compulsory for it to find a place in your bag. If you are a morning gym goer, keep some aqua scented deo or a woody, spicy one if your routine is of the evening. Even if you don’t have the time for an elaborate shower and/or a detailed cleansing regimen, a deodorant always comes handy.

Cologne- Every man is identified by the fragrance he wears. And you would want to be smelling yourself even after a sweaty workout, especially if the turn of events presents you with an unexpected opportunity after your gym time.

Face wipes- No time to pamper yourself with a face wash? Keep a pack of wet facial wipes to clean up the excess sweat. These wipes are usually infused with aromatic solutions along with antibacterial cleaners which work as an antiseptic and keeps you feeling fresh.

Anti-chafing perineal cream- Consider it to be fancy if you would, but no man can deny the need for an anti-chafing cream for those sensitive areas, when your sports shorts and swimming trunks get harsh on your skin, leaving it inflamed and itchy. A pack of RAW NATURE’s Chamois Cream can be your go-to solution in such situations. Also try the Rosemary & Lemon Oil protective cream by RAW NATURE, to save you from the skin irritations caused by your active wear or sweat.

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