How To Care For Oily Skin?

Glossy nails, check. Shiny hair, check. Oily face, uncheck.

Like to dress up for the occasion, especially in the social media age? Well, who doesn’t? While you love to flaunt those glossy nails and lustrous hair, a greasy face can spoil your selfies and the occasion. So, let’s start with the basics.


What makes your skin oily?

Blame it on Sebum, a greasy and waxy substance, which is naturally secreted by your gland, meant to protect and hydrate your skin. Sometimes, this gland goes into an overdrive mode due to hormonal, genetical and environmental changes due to which your skin becomes too oily for your comfort.   


So what will your skin look like if it’s too oily?

  • Greasy and buttery
  • Will have large distinct open pores
  • Will be prone to blackheads
  • Be a breeding ground for acne and pimples


What’s the way out?

Just like a team plays together to win, you’ll need a team of products and personal hygiene to win against oily skin.


What team are we talking about? 

Raw Nature’s range of premium grooming essentials, starting with:


Activated Charcoal and Quinoa Face Wash  

Raw Nature has crafted an activated charcoal face wash with the finest ingredients from nature. This includes the finest bamboo charcoal from France, quinoa, a superfood for the skin, and maize seeds, to clean and clear the face.


So how does it work? 

  • Activated charcoal can absorb up to 200 times its weight to soak up all the impurities, toxins and excess oils from the skin
  • Quinoa is known to replenish the skin and give it an even tone
  • Maize seeds exfoliate all dead skin cells to rejuvenate your skin


And what about excessive oil on the body? 

For that, we have a natural activated charcoal soap bar. It contains charcoal, peppermint, olive and orange essential oils.


Here’s how they work:


Activated Charcoal

  • Deep cleanses and exfoliates



  • Removes body odour
  • Evens skin tone


Orange Essential Oil 

  • Rejuvenates skin and prevents breakouts


Olive Oil 

  • A natural skin moisturizer
  • An anti-ageing element


And we have more!


Volcanic Green Clay Face Wash 

We go to every corner of the earth to offer you the most premium grooming experience. With our Volcanic Green Clay Face Wash, we bring you the experience all the way from the dense Brazilian jungles and volcanic clay pits.


So, what does the Volcanic Green Clay do exactly?

  • Absorbs all the excess oil like a sponge, giving you a refreshing look
  • It has natural minerals to rejuvenate your skin
  • Removes debris and impurities from your skin
  • Tightens the pores, which tend to open up due to excessive sebum


For the body, we have green clay natural soap bars and gold clay body wash

The natural volcanic clay keeps all that sweat, dirt and excessive oil away. Get ready for blemish-free skin with these natural soap bar and body wash that contain anti-inflammatory properties, smoothen your skin and soothe your soul.


Does oily skin mean that you require no moisturizer? 

Now that’s another myth. No matter what the weather conditions are (yes, that includes even the harsh summers) you need a light moisturizer for oily skin. That’s because without a moisturizer, the sun will literally burn your skin and leave it dry and flaky. Your skin needs extra protection in the summers. 


Wondering which one to go for?

Our ultra-light Caramel & Cedarwood Moisturizer

We have one of the finest natural moisturizers from the heart of nature. It is non-greasy. Plus, it nourishes and hydrates your skin instantly. More than anything else, it’s rich fragrance will remind you of sitting amidst the Himalayan cedarwood trees, enjoying a rich cup of a caramel latte. Now that’s a great brew for your skin, isn’t it?


Here’s why Raw Nature makes sense


Certified by experts 

Our products are certified by leading international bodies like PETA and Ecocert, which means they are not tested on animals, are vegan, and are 100% safe. They are also Dermatologically tested for safety and FDA approved.


Naturally Yours

Our products are paraben-free and contain no SLS or SLES, which are known to be carcinogenic and cause long-term skin damage. We offer a chemical-free and 100% natural grooming experience.   


What else is on offer?

Raw Nature has a rich line-up of grooming essentials, which include:

  • Body Wash
  • Natural Soap Bar
  • Face Wash
  • Hair Oil and Hair Wax
  • Shampoo
  • Moisturizing Lotion
  • Night Cream
  • Beard Wash and Beard Oil


Shop our exclusive range today!



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