Must-Have Grooming Products for Runners This Season

Running is not only a great sport but also an exhilarating exercise for the mind and body. But in a tropical climate like India, the heat and humidity, coupled with dust, pollution, and other environmental aggressors pose roadblocks for runners in forms of chaffing, heat rashes, and other skin concerns. That is why it is essential to take care of your personal hygiene and keep your skin healthy, so you can enjoy blazing the trails!

To keep your cleanliness quotient high and prevent and treat skin concerns caused by heat and sweat, here are a few must-have products you should have in your grooming kit:

An effective body wash
Because most skin issues start with germ build-up from sweat, dust, and pollutants, it is important for runners to keep the skin clean at all times. Always follow your run with a warm shower, if not hot. Use an antiseptic and anti-bacterial agent to prevent germs. Use a natural cleanser which is rich in botanical extracts that work wonders on your skin. Like the RAW NATURE Volcanic Gold Clay Body Wash, made with activated gold clay from the Amazonian Rainforest. This highly effective shower solution is infused with toning properties of Himalayan Cedarwood and black pepper, which leave you feeling refreshed and super-charged after an exhausting run.

A gentle soap bar
If you are exposed to redness or fabric rashes, then you might want to use an organic soap bar. The gentle natural cleansing agents of the RAW NATURE Brazilian Green Clay Soap have anti-inflammatory properties which help heal the skin. The green clay absorbs oil and unclogs pores from impurities. The extracts of basil help soothe irritated skin, leaving clear and refreshed skin.

With 100% vegan ingredients, these natural cleansers are therapeutic for your skin and can be used daily, without any side effects.

A clarifying face wash
For those working up a sweat with regular running, your face faces the most brunt of the weather and environment. And facial skin is always more prone to skin concerns than other parts of the body. That is why after every session of running, clean up the sweat from your face using a detoxifying face wash like RAW NATURE Charcoal and Quinoa face wash. The naturally activated Japanese charcoal absorbs all impurities and unclogs the pores, while quinoa nourishes and treats your delicate facial skin. Apt for daily use, this face wash is suitable for normal skin types.

An anti-friction solution
Most runners experience the problem of chafing, especially in a hot and humid climate where the fabrics stay and rub against the skin. While running, such friction causes bruising, redness, and inflammation of the delicate areas, leaving the skin feeling raw and stinging. That is why it is important to protect the jock areas from fabric friction. Consider using a preventive agent like RAW NATURE’s Friction Defence Talc Spray. Its all-natural blend of eucalyptus, tea tree, and mint, keep skin infections at bay by preventing sweat and moisture. The medicinal properties of these essential herbs and oils work as an anti-irritant and heal inflammation of the skin. It comes in a convenient spray-talc form so you can carry it on the go.

A gentle lubricant
For regular runners, it is essential to indulge in proper lubrication of the chafing-prone areas. Before you head out for your daily run, consider applying a protective cream. RAW NATURE’s Chafing-Ease cream with Himalayan Cedarwood and wild lavender is a gentle solution that prevents itching and works as an anti-chafing agent. Both Cedarwood and lavender are known for their anti-fungal and antiseptic properties, which you can use daily as a precautionary measure.

A healing solution
If you have already suffered bruises or rashes in the delicate, below-the-belt areas, then you must address it right away, otherwise, chafed inner thighs and chamois areas can lead to serious skin concerns in the long run. Consider opting for a product which treats, heals, and prevents further occurrence. The RAW NATURE Chamois Cream is a therapeutic cream made of rice bran wax and rosemary oil which soothes irritation and heals raw skin. The effective botanical ingredients act as a barrier between your skin and the fabric, thus keeping bruises away.

Running, like any other sport or exercise is therapeutic. And you can enhance the experience with a more preventive grooming routine and face the environment with open arms!

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