Natural Ways To Protect Your Skin And Hair Before and After Holi

We’re just days away from the most colourful time of the year, and as much as you’d like to fuss over the idea of a natural Holi, it’s tough to shy away from harsh dyes, chemicals, and contaminants that can wreak havoc on your skin and hair. But luckily for all you suave men, Raw Nature has chalked out an expert guide to get you through the revelry without having to compromise on your decidedly handsome self. 

Before you hit the playground

For the hair 
It’s imperative to ensure that your mane is en garde before venturing out into the frenzied streets. By loading up your hair with the Citrodora and Clarysage Oil – a potent potion comprising of six essential oils - not only would you build its resistance towards stubborn colours, but also invigorate it whilst your pals fling you into multicoloured pools of the unmentionable.

For the beard
Can’t stop gushing over your statement beard? You’ll run out of reasons if you let a chockfull of colour settle into your prized possession and let it strip it of its moisture and sheen. A few drops of our Coffee Bean Oil should do the trick and protect it from Holi mayhem.

For the skin 
There’s nothing more attractive than healthy, glowing skin, so don’t forget to shield it from toxic aggressors by slathering a generous amount of extra virgin, cold pressed olive, almond or coconut oil and creating a protective barrier. It works wonders in preventing colour from seeping into your pores and also makes it less bothersome to wash off after. Do slap on some sunscreen at the end; it’ll help evade sunburns and signs of distressed skin. 

Dealing with the aftermath

Now coming to the most taxing part of Holi – getting the colours off! Lather up a good amount of Volcanic Green Clay and Acai Oil Shampoo, massage your hair and leave it in for about a minute. It’s enriched with nature’s choicest ingredients and a bout of antioxidants to repair even the slightest damage and keep your hair from looking dull and daunting. 

Skin care
Nobody wants to look like a botched up painting the next day at work, so getting rid of synthetic colours suddenly turns into life’s prime mission. You can use a loofah to scrub the colour off seamlessly with the Malt Extracts and Pepper Vanilla Body Wash - and once patted dry, quench your skin’s thirst with the caramel and cedarwood infused Ultra Light Moisturizer by Raw Nature.

Facial care 
The most effective scrubs and masks are best whipped up in the kitchen. Prep an oatmeal-honey-sea salt facial polish to scrub out the toughest of stains and cleanse your face after. Dab it dry, and cake it with a luscious papaya-cream-lemon mask to luxuriate your skin and repair its texture. Wash it off, spritz your face with rose water, and top it up with a creamy moisturizer. Voilà! 

Beard care 
Cleaning out your beard can be a lot tougher than dealing with your hair. Rinse it well with the Bamboo Charcoal & Acai Oil Beard Wash, dry it out, and massage it with our Patchouli & Cinnamon Beard Oil that’ll help maintain its moisture and balance.

Are you ready to feel good with Raw Nature and look the part too this Holi?

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