Soap Bar VS Body Wash. Which One Is Right For You?

Monsoon - it’s that time of the year when we all like to take a chill pill with the rain pouring down. Stepping out in this weather can bring plenty of sweat, grime and humidity that can damage your skin. There’s nothing like stepping into the shower for a warm bath, this season. And once you are there, you love to get some soap that refreshes your mind, body and soul with all that lather mixing and rinsing your skin. Mostly, we go with the flow and use anything that comes our way while bathing. Be it a soap bar, body wash or shower gel, we don’t care.


It’s high time that we do care

Yes, thanks to evolution, we all have a different set of genetics, skin type, colour, texture and properties. Here’s what you need to keep in mind when you purchase that soap or body wash for a glowing healthy skin:


Our skin needs hydration 

What happens when we are thirsty? We drink a glass of water. Similarly, our skin needs hydration too. What better way to do it than to apply a moisturizer, which keeps your skin healthy, supple and glowing. Usually, soaps bars tend to dry your skin because of less water content and foaming agents that are synthetically produced. These tend to extract all natural essential oils from your skin. However, there are some exceptions within soaps which contain higher amounts of glycerin, which leaves your skin moist - Choose these over the others that don’t. On the other hand, body wash is generally in a liquid format containing water content, which gets absorbed easily into the skin. Plus, they contain certain skin softeners, which offer better results when it comes to moisturizing your skin.


Cleansing your skin

When it comes to getting rid of all that sweat, grime and odour off your skin, you must consider your skin type. If you have dry skin, you will need a moisturizing soap for your skin. Similarly, you need to watch out for certain chemicals like SLS or SLES, which are nothing but compounds that suck natural oils off your skin. At the same time, they are carcinogenic. If your skin is sensitive, rubbing soap bars on your skin can be risky as they tend to rub against your skin harder. Therefore, a body wash is far gentler and a better bet.


Ease of use 

Bar soaps are far more economical, easily available and also eco-friendly as they do not come in any plastic containers. Just remove them from the paper wrappers and you are good to go. Forget the loofah or sponge, just soap it in the shower next time.



Do those hair strands stuck on soap give you the creeps? That’s one problem, which we normally find in soap bars. That’s where a body wash gets full marks. You can gently rub it into your skin without the thought of someone using it, leaving plenty of bacteria behind for you.


Using soap or preservatives?

Remember we told you about SLS or SLES? One more thing you need to stay away from - Parabens. These are harmful chemical preservatives, which damage your skin in the long-term and are also cancerous.   


Speaking of chemicals, here’s what you can do

Opt for a chemical-free, Sulphate-free body wash or soap bar.


Where would you get it?

With just one click at Raw Nature. We offer a range of chemical-free soaps and body washes.


So what makes them special?


Exotic ingredients

Right from activated charcoal to green and red volcanic clay, Raw Nature offers the finest skin potion and ingredients, straight from nature. Other ingredients include malt extracts, lemon eucalyptus oil and gold volcanic clay.


Cleansing. Toning. Glowing. Naturally

Raw Nature is a vegan brand and certified by PETA, a leading animal-rights organization. We use no animal products nor do we test on them. Plus, we use no artificial fragrances and colours. All our ingredients are prescribed by EcoCert. Be rest assured, every drop of Raw Nature’s body wash and soap bars is as natural as they come.


For all skin types 

Experience a range of bath products, which act as moisturizers for dry skin as well as control excess oil. They are anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and paraben-free. They are SLS and SLES-free too.


Come in various shapes, sizes and forms

Raw Nature offers a unique range of exclusive grooming essentials, which feature soap bars, body washes, shampoos, beard oils and much more. Get your hands on Raw Nature today.  



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