Here are some hair-raising facts about Sulphates in your shampoo

Standing in that shower and rinsing your hair is probably one of the little pleasures of life. Now imagine your hair brush with dirt, pollutants and toxins everyday, thanks to the urban grind. Watching all those things going down the drain makes you feel cool, fresh and rejuvenated, doesn’t it? Let’s ask you another question: Do you really know what shampoo to pick  for this simple pleasure?


Here’s what you should consider while picking a shampoo:


Is it your type?

We often ask the  question when we date someone - whether he or she is your type . Similarly, when it comes to your hair, you should be knowing your hair type so that you know what to do to pamper it and make it silky, strong and smooth.    


Using a good combo

Using shampoo is not enough. Your hair needs to be soft and have the right texture, which is possible with a hair conditioner. Therefore, never forget to add a conditioner to your hair wash regime.


Know your ingredients 

Always check the ingredients of your shampoo as it might have synthetic elements, which can damage your hair over the long-term. Use more natural ingredients, which have no side effects and yet leave your hair looking great.  

While you think that your shampoo is cleansing your hair, it might actually be the cause of the problem because of the ingredients, namely  Sulphates and Paraben.


So, what does Sulphate do to your hair?

Take your Shampoo bottle and read the ingredients list. Chances are that you’ll come across Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLES) or Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS). This element is mainly responsible for all the rich foam and bubbles in your shampoo and is used as a cleaning agent. It dissolves the dirt into the foam and rinses it off with water.


That’s not harmful. Or is it? 

You might think that’s normal, right? The problem with sulphate is that it is a surfactant, which means it traps all the dirt along with essential natural oils, moisture and sebum in the hair, which get washed away with water.


Are they really that dangerous?

Over the years, there have been unverified reports and observations that Sulphates are carcinogenic. Even if they are not, Sulphates in shampoo can cause several side effects mainly skin irritation, rashes and itchy scalp. Sulphates have a “degenerative effect on your cell membranes” which simply means that it washes off the protein layer on your skin and hair, with prolonged use.


What do parabens do?

Parabens are chemical compounds used as preservatives in the skin care and hair care products. Parabens have been shown to be present in malignant breast cancers. Parabens essentially mimic the properties of Estrogen and begin to divide cells in the breast uncontrollably, which causes cancer. 


Is there something fair and square for your hair? 

Yes, you can use an SLS and Paraben-free shampoo from Raw Nature. These do not strip away the natural essential oils and proteins from your hair. Plus, they are a safer option, especially for those who have dry and frizzy hair. They contain less lather and more benefits to your hair. Raw Nature has the best sulphate-free shampoos for dry and oily hair. Here’s what you can expect from these hair products: 

  • Lesser skin irritation
  • More Moisture retention
  • Retention of the natural colour of the hair
  • Eco-friendly option
  • Not just eco-friendly,  skin-friendly option, especially for sensitive skin
  • They are a great fit for all hair types including dry hair and oily hair


OK, so where do I buy an SLS and Paraben-free shampoo?

It is available with just a tap on your smartphone or any other smart device. All you have to do is log in to


We have more in store

Raw Nature offers a complete range of grooming products. Right from Sulphate-free shampoos to handmade natural soaps, chemical-free skin creams, face wash, body wash, and a whole lot more.. All our ingredients are either natural, naturally-derived or strictly within safe permissible limits as prescribed by ECOCERT. So, the next time you are standing in the shower, make sure it is a sulphate-free bathing experience.





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