Take a stand against Animal Cruelty - Experiment with your look, not with animals

Your face wash this morning just killed another animal.” 
A fact that we shouldn’t be proud of.

Did you know humanity has wiped out nearly 60% of the animal population in the last 40 years according to WWF? It’s shocking, to say the least. One major reason for this could be the face wash or the shampoo you used this morning. You must be wondering what’s beauty got to do with animal cruelty? 
Read on to find out more.

What level of animal abuse are we talking about?

The animals are put under tremendous torture like forced feeding of chemicals, applying substances or compounds on their skin and eyes for a few months or years. 

Just how many animals are we talking about?

More than 100 million every year. No wonder the animal population is on a rapid decline.

What can you and I do about it in our daily life?

Buy recycled and sustainable products.

Avoid buying products, which directly impact the habitat of wildlife especially the endangered species. Use sustainable and eco-friendly materials like bamboo and recycled paper. These products help to protect animals in the long-term and promote restoration of your local ecology.

Say no to products from animals.

Some of us love to flaunt that fancy leather bag at a party or that mushy fur coat for a special occasion. Sadly, not many realize that behind all those brands, glitz and glamour is an animal’s life, which is taken away, just for you to make a fashion statement. Animals are not trophies, they are part of our ecosystem. So, let’s not make them a part of some brand for our selfish consumerism. Respect their precious life and space.

Go a step further by banning any product tested on animals?

If you’re a true animal lover, make sure your home is an animal cruelty-free home. That means you should stop using any animal-tested brand or product. Not many people know that cosmetic or skin care products we use daily are tested on animals before they come in contact with our skin. So, it’s time to use cruelty-free brands. That answers your question regarding beauty and animal cruelty.  

RawNature's Commitment Against Animal Cruelty 

Staying raw and cruelty-free is the very nature of our brand.

Raw Nature was born with the vision of delivering nature’s finest ingredients. And just like nature is pure and pristine, our products are 100% naturally-sourced and use ingredients that certified safe-to-use by EcoCert. Every drop of our products is free from chemicals, animal abuse or animal ingredients. 

We have blended the most exotic plant-based and earth-based elements to offer you the cleanest and freshest experience ever. In fact, our products are Peta-certified vegan, one of the leading bodies in the world for the prevention of cruelty to animals.

We have a range of products including skin care, face wash, body wash, and shampoo for you to look good, naturally. Every day.  

So, the next time you grab that shampoo or soap in the shower, make sure you save an animal’s life by using a cruelty-free product.

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