The Benefits of Switching to Handmade, Organic Soaps

With the increasing need to be healthier and more active, we are switching more towards organic and naturally derived foods. But have you ever thought, that as the largest organ of the body, your skin could also function better with natural substances in your grooming solutions? If your body deserves wholesome nutrition, then so does your skin in order to stay healthy and glowing.

However, organic and organically derived substances can come in various forms. While some are processed and fused, others are kept intact to retain their original properties. If you are looking for raw, natural cleansers, then nothing beats the quality and originality of handmade soaps. Because most handmade soap manufacturers are not just product makers, but advocates of a greater cause, they do their bit for the community and the environment. Handmade soaps use ingredients that provide result-driven benefits to the users.

To better understand the benefits of organic, handmade soaps over off-the-shelf beauty bars, here are a few things you should know:

They are healthier
Needless to say, you love the bright colours, thick lather, and the captivating fragrances of regular soaps. But most often than not, these products barely benefit your skin. Most soaps are heavy on chemicals like Paraben, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, DEA etc. which lend them their shape and durability. At the same time, these chemicals slowly and gradually predispose you to skin concerns. Studies show that chemicals found in most off-the-shelf beauty bars and bathing products, stay on your skin for up to 12 hours, which can affect your skin quality and seep into your internal organs.

On the other hand, handcrafted soaps are made with food-grade, vegan substances, which are gentle on your skin, and can boost your skin health. And because they are free of chemicals, colours, synthetic fragrances, or alcohol, they rarely have any side effects.

They have useful properties
During the process of soap making, glycerin is released from soap bases, which is a potent moisturizing agent. Pure glycerin content in an organic soap makes your skin supple and soft, even after multiple washes. In commercially produced beauty bars, the glycerin content is extracted or reduced, to balance the economics and also keep the shape of the soap intact. This results in instant dryness or chaffed skin, after washing.

The second useful element in handmade soaps is its content. Most organic soaps are made with essential oils and medicinal herbs which have healing properties. Specific ingredients of handmade soaps target skin concerns like acne, rashes, dryness, etc. and help detoxify your skin.

For example, RAW NATURE’s organic, handmade soaps are made with exotic and highly potent botanical extracts which bring out the natural radiance of your skin. The Lemon Eucalyptus Soap with Lunar Silver and Zinc has anti-bacterial properties which remove excess oil, fight acne and detoxify your skin. The Activated Charcoal Soap deep cleanses the pores and improves skin elasticity, making your skin suppler. The Brazilian Green Clay Soap removes impurities, blemishes, and fights signs of ageing. The Red Clay and Wild Argan Oil Soap provide deep hydration and softness to dry skin.

They are eco-friendly
With increasing awareness of our living environment, it is important that we carefully choose our beauty and grooming products. And soaps laden with chemicals prove harmful not only for us but also for the planet, by polluting the drainage water, which eventually leads to the oceans and affects marine life, plants etc. Organic, handmade soaps provide a greener alternative to beauty solutions. Because they contain biodegradable substances, they do not pose risk to groundwater when washed off.

They are animal-friendly
Protecting our environment also entails protecting our fauna and saving them from being experimented with harmful substances. Organic and handmade soaps are free of pesticides or harsh chemicals, so, they don’t require animal testing, making it easier on our furry friends.

Go all natural
Natural cleansers and soaps derived from plants and plant extracts have been in use for millennia. In the wake of living in sync with nature, it has become essential that we go back to our roots and adopt a more authentic approach to beauty and grooming. By optimally using nature’s riches and freeing ourselves from artificial substances, we can truly enhance our lives and nurture nature.

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