The Best Below-The-Belt Grooming Solutions for Active Individuals

Most active individuals like runners, athletes, or busy corporate professionals, go through the common and most persistent problem of chafing. While some are unaware, many of them ignore this skin concern occurring in the inner thighs and delicate areas below the belt. Chafing is nothing but the irritation caused on the tender skin by the friction of fabrics and sweat against the skin, leaving it raw and bruised. Although this is not a threat to your wellbeing, ignoring skin concerns at the onset can cause serious issues in the long run. That is why is it essential for busybodies to start paying attention to such conditions when they occur and treat them right away! To help you take care of your below-the-belt grooming and caring, here are a few proven solutions: Keep it clean Clean skin is always healthy skin. More so for the delicate areas, where the skin is more sensitive. Regularly cleaning these areas can help keep skin irritations like chafing, at bay. Always use soap or mild cleanser and wash off the sweat and dead skin. Run a warm water bath with essential oils. It not only is therapeutic for the muscles but the oils also work as a soothing agent for your skin. If you are already suffering from chafing problems, then follow your bath with a soothing lotion or gel on the affected areas. Use a natural emollient which is free of alcohol, harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances. Wear the right fabrics Chafing arises out of the constant friction between the skin and the fabrics of innerwear. If the cloth is not absorbent, then skin tends to rub against the cloth whenever you sweat. This persistent rubbing causes the skin to peel off and get bruised. That is why you need to choose materials like dry-fit and non-cotton fabrics, which don’t hold the sweat. Also, when not workout out or engaged in physical activity, wear light fabrics that breathe and let the air flow through the skin. Treat chamois Another persistent concern among active people is the problem of chamois rash. Almost all individuals involved in sports or regular work-outs suffer from this. And because these areas are more delicate than other parts of the body, chances are that even a minor blister or abrasion can lead to major damage, unless treated in time. Consider using a vegan solution like RAW NATURE Chamois cream. Enriched with naturally-derived rice bran wax and rosemary oil, this balm is highly effective for soothing scraped the skin and reduce tenderness. Use liberally and regularly before and after you work out or get sweating. Care and cure Whether you are healing chafing or trying to prevent it, the best solution is to find an all-natural solution. Botanical extracts and ingredients are gentle on the skin and do not have side effects like regular chemical-laden solutions. If you are already suffering from chafing, then find a treatment like RAW NATURE Chafing Ease Cream. This pure vegan blend is formulated with Himalayan Cedar wood and wild lavender. Cedar wood is an age-old anti-fungal treatment which takes care of infections, while lavender soothes the irritated skin. Using the cream regularly on the affected areas can be therapeutic and help prevent further itching or rashes. If you are on-the-go and need an immediate solution to your chafing problem, dab some ice packs on the affected area. Although a temporary solution, ice can cool and numb the area and reduce tenderness. Preventive measures Prevention is always better than cure. So, to ensure that you do not face chafing or chamois rash or bruise in the first place, consider a preventive treatment. Before you head out for your daily grind, apply an anti-fungal powder. RAW NATURE Friction-defense Talc is formulated with natural antibacterial and antifungal agents like eucalyptus, tea-tree oil, and mint. Each ingredient known for being skin-friendly, this powder forms a protective layer between the skin and fabric, so you are free from itch or irritation throughout the day. It comes in a handy, spray-talc form, for a no-mess application. There is no sure shot method of preventing all skin problems. That is why there are remedies. And when such remedies are done in the most natural way, by using the gifts of nature, the results are more effective, harmless, and better for our long-term wellness.

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