The Best Gift to Give Your Dad This Father's Day

With Father’s Day just around the corner, you have very little time to prepare for the special day for your beloved dad. While you are rushing through the last minute gift options across souvenirs and collectables, why not consider something unique and utility-oriented for the most special man in your life? This Father’s Day, consider gifting your dad a special grooming kit, customized just for him. Of course, there are endless options available out there to choose from. But adding a personal touch to your gifts makes your father feel more special. With grooming essentials that are made with the most natural ingredients, and are hand-picked by you, your dad is sure to love his Father’s Day surprise!

Here’s a handy list of what you can pick for your dad, as per his skin and hair type.

Normal Skin- Because normal skin has a natural glow and no apparent deficiencies, it’s easier to take care of it. You can opt for RAW NATURE’s Charcoal and Quinoa Face Wash for daily cleansing. Formulated with Japanese activated charcoal, this all-natural cleanser purifies and nourishes the sensitive facial skin and keeps it healthy. Combine this with RAW NATURE’s Malt & Pepper Vanilla Body Wash or Volcanic Gold Clay Body Wash and let your dad indulge in a luxurious bath. 

Oily Skin- On average, most Indian men have oily skin. And that calls for a clarifying cleanser which removes oil and dirt but keeps the skin hydrated at the same time. Consider RAW NATURE’s Green Clay Face Wash enriched with the goodness of ancient Brazilian mud, which exfoliates the skin from pollutants and dust, and treats skin concerns.

Dry & Sensitive Skin- Dry skin needs maximum care. Choose RAW NATURE’s Red Clay Face Wash, for your father if he has dry and sensitive skin. Made with volcanic clay from the heart of Amazonian Rainforests, this daily cleanser helps reduce dryness and keeps the skin hydrated.

Beard Care- If your father is a hirsute man and loves his facial mane, then you can treat him with a complete ‘beard care kit’ from RAW NATURE which includes:

 Beard Wash with charcoal and Acai oil- While activated bamboo charcoal deep cleanses and nourishes the tough facial hair, the oil of Amazonian Acai Berries stimulates beard growth. 

• Beard Oils- RAW NATURE’s Beard Oils are the best treatment for the beard. Choose from Coffee Bean Oil or, Patchouli & Cinnamon Oil, depending on the beard type. The active botanical ingredients of both these oils help beard growth and nourish the skin beneath.
Hair Care- For men who love to care for their mane, we have a range of indulgent solutions:

• Hair Oil- If your dad loves regular oiling and massage, then he would love RAW NATURE’s Hair Oil. A magical concoction of 6 essential oils - Citrodora, Clarysage, Olive, Coconut, Sesame, and Orange, this therapeutic oil boosts hair growth and keeps the scalp nourished. 

• Hair Wax- For fathers who love to style their hair but also keep it healthy, this natural hair wax is just what they need. Made with the oils of sunflower and olive, RAW NATURE’s Hair Wax keeps the hair conditioned while giving it a medium hold. 

• Shampoo- RAW NATURE’s Volcanic Green Clay & Acai Oil Shampoo is best suited for oily hair and scalp. Infused with the properties of Brazilian green volcanic clay and the power of Acai Berries, this vegan cleanser keeps the scalp free of oil while providing nourishment to the hair follicles.

There’s nothing like surprising your dad with a customized grooming kit! Take your pick from RAW NATURE’s customizable gift bundles of specially curated grooming solutions made with the purest and most exotic ingredients found in nature. Simply select a price range according to your budget and answer a few quick questions on our website. Our grooming experts will get in touch with you and find out about your father’s preferences or grooming needs. This Father’s Day, give your dad a personalized gift made with the best offerings of Mother Nature. Because every father deserves a little indulgence.

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