The Best Grooming Travel Kits for Every Destination

Are you a frequent business traveller or an ardent explorer, discovering exotic locales? No matter what your destination or purpose of travel is, travelling can be tiring unless of course, you have your own private jet or a yacht to pamper you enroute. However, if you are a frequent flier or a roadrunner, then you are invariably exposing yourself to environmental aggressors like dust, fumes, grime and the works. That’s why you need travel-friendly supplies, personalized for your skin and hair needs. With RAW NATURE’s Miniatures Starter Kits, you can now indulge in grooming-on-the-go. Made with high performance, all-natural ingredients, each of these kits can address your individual skin or hair concerns that you face during travel.

#TravelWithRawNature and you can stay refreshed even after a long flight or drive!

Hair Care Essentials
Hair has been a perpetual concern for most travellers. Hence, RAW NATURE’s Hair Care Essential Kit, with Citrodora & Clarysage Hair Oil and Green Clay & Acai Oil Shampoo, perfectly sized for your regular travels. The hair oil is a blend of six natural essential oils that intensely nourish your scalp and hydrate your hair. The highly effective Citrodora and Clary Sage extract from Western Australia, penetrate deep within your scalp, stimulates hair growth and helps fight dandruff. Complement this with the Green Clay & Acai Oil Shampoo, sourced from the heart of ancient volcanoes of Brazil. Perfect for oily hair, this cleanser prevents sebum build-up on your scalp, leaving your hair clean and fresh all day long.

Clay & Charcoal Series

For those who need a deep cleansing, opt for RAW NATURE’s Clay & Charcoal Series Miniature Kit. Available in a cabin-friendly pack, this grooming range exfoliates and detoxifies your skin and hair naturally. The high-impact face wash, blended with activated bamboo charcoal is apt for daily use. While Red Clay Face Wash, infused with Moroccan volcanic clay, cleans and hydrates dry skin without stripping off the natural moisture. Treat your hair with the Green Clay & Acai Oil Shampoo, with active ingredients sourced from ancient clay pits of Brazil and extracts of Acai Berry oil. Finish your cleansing routine with the Gold Clay Body Wash. This hearty bathing solution blends the natural goodness of Cedarwood, Black Pepper and invigorating volcanic clay from the heart of Amazonian rainforests.

Moisturizing Mandatories

If your skin is sensitive and needs more attention on-the-go, then this pampering trio from RAW NATURE’s Miniature Starter Kits could be your travel buddy. Pocket-friendly and compact, the Moisturizing Mandatories Starter Kit comes with a Moisturizer, Night Cream, and Chamois Cream. A refined blend of Himalayan Cedarwood and warm caramel, this mild and fragrant lotion locks your skin’s moisture without any sticky residue. Complement this ultra-nourishing lotion with an indulgent Night Cream, infused with Helichrysum & Sage oil and bid adieu to dark circles, age spots and signs of ageing. The highlight of this triad is the Chamois Cream, meant for highly active men, always on the move. The natural barriers of rice bran and Rosemary Oil prevent inner thigh friction and chafing from fabrics and constant movement, so you feel comfortable and at ease during long drives and flights. 

Skin Care Essentials (For Dry Skin)

If you have a dry skin problem, then prolonged exposure to natural elements and other environmental impurities can cause more damage. Designed in travel-friendly sizes, RAW NATURE’s Skin Care Essentials Miniature Kit can now treat your dry skin, even when you on the move. Clean with the volcanic Red Clay Face Wash, which deep cleanses without drying. Follow it with the Ultra-Light Moisturizer, infused with Himalayan Cedarwood and Caramel to hydrate your skin. The Malt Extract Body Wash, blended with pepper vanilla works like a daily tonic for your dry skin. Wrap up your tiring days with a liberal application of the nourishing night cream. Enriched with Helichrysum & Sage Oil, this nourishing cream heals while fighting ageing, blemishes and dark circles.

Raw Nature Transformation Series

Transform the way you groom when you travel, with this RAW NATURE Transformation Series Miniature Kit. With Volcanic Green Clay & Acai Oil Shampoo, Cedarwood & Caramel Moisturizer, Charcoal Face Wash, and Gold Clay Body Wash; this high-performance combo is indeed an all-natural treat for your skin and hair. The highly effective and exotic ingredients deep clean and fight impurities that you gather from regular travel. Indulging and rejuvenating, the transformation series will make you enjoy your travel like never before.

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