The Best Skincare & Hair-care Routine for those over 50

As you start crossing the Golden Jubilee of your life, you may notice that the fine lines and wrinkles are sticking to your face for longer and appear deeper. This could also be coupled with more laxity of skin around the eyes and mouth. But this should not make you anxious, because, with age, there are changes in skin and hair quality. And that is why people of this age group need very unique grooming and beauty regime. 

Here is a skin and hair-care routine for those in their 50s, to fight the harmful effects of ageing and reduce further damages done by time.

Make exfoliation a priority

Irrespective of your age, cleansing is always the first step to an effective skincare routine. More so in your 50s, when the skin’s healing ability becomes lesser. Also, because the skin can’t maintain hydration or produce collagen the way it could, it becomes essential to strengthen the skin against external elements. A regular habit of weekly exfoliating and daily cleansing can prevent dead skin cells from holding up and making it dull. RAW NATURE’s Charcoal Face Wash with Activated Bamboo Charcoal works best on ageing skin. By absorbing impurities and exfoliating the dead skin cells, it leaves the skin clean and radiant. Made with pure and organic ingredients, this exotic blend of essential oils and natural cleansers detoxifies the skin, prevents collagen breakdown, and lightens sun spots, making your skin healthier.

Keep your skin moisturized

Once you start crossing 50, the skin not only starts becoming thinner but also more dry and sensitive. Because the natural barriers of your skin become weaker, it is highly important to increase the moisture balance and increase your skin’s tolerance to environmental aggressors. A daily moisturizing lotion can keep your skin nourished and replenish the lost moisture. The Ultra-Light Moisturizer from RAW NATURE made with natural cedar wood and caramel provides lasting hydration to aged skin. Formulated for daily use, this warm blend of rich caramel and Himalayan cedarwood collectively combat dryness and nourish your skin from deep within. While caramel exfoliates dead cells and reveals a smoother and softer skin, cedarwood prevents dryness and provides rich hydration. The light body of the lotion quickly absorbs in your skin, without leaving an oily residue, making it perfect for the Indian weather. Indulging in such pure ingredients can result in visibly firmer skin texture.

Always use a night cream

To replenish the diminishing moisture and hydration, and strengthen the skin collagen, your 50+ skin needs an extra dose of nourishment. And that is best achieved with a night time cream which works on your skin while you are asleep. A nourishing, antioxidant formula like RAW NATURE’s Night Cream with Helichrysum and Sage Oil with its pure and organic extracts is what your skin needs. A fast-absorbing composition, the cream detoxifies, smoothens fine lines, reduces age-spots, reduces inflammation, and combats signs of ageing. Sage oil helps fight free radicals and regulates sebum production, while Helichrysum’s herbal properties restore and balance your skin’s moisture levels.

Treat your hair

As your scalp ages, it starts losing natural lipids, resulting in lesser shine, growth and volume of your hair. Hence, you need to indulge in the regular treatment of hair and scalp. To restore the hair follicles and make it stronger, consider a regular oil massage with pure and organic oils. RAW NATURE’s Hair Oil is a magical blend of 6 essential oils of Citrodora, Clarysage, Olive, Coconut, Sesame, and Orange which gives the much-needed nourishment boost to your hair and scalp. The restorative powers of Clary sage oil stimulate hair growth while Citrodora helps prevent hair fall and restricts greying. Coconut, sesame, and olive oils are known for their moisturizing properties while Orange oil refreshes the scalp. 

Ageing is the most natural phenomenon, which cannot be controlled. But with the right treatment, you can definitely slow down the process and restore the lost charm.

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