The Best Way Runners in India Can Prevent Chafing

Chafing is a common phenomenon with runners. Especially, in a tropical climate like India, where high humidity levels make fabrics stick to your skin and rub against each other. Whenever you are on the run, the delicate areas of your body are constantly in friction with either each other or with your clothes. The result is rawness of skin, leading to redness, pain, and irritations. You would usually feel tenderness, followed by a painful stinging or burning sensation. Nevertheless, you can avoid both the causes and aftermath of chafing in these simple ways:

Choose The Right Fabrics

For intense physical activities like running, it’s essential that you choose the right clothes. Though organic fabrics like cotton might be comfortable on your body, they absorb a lot of sweat and stay wet. This causes more friction when you are in constant movement. For runners, it’s highly recommended that you wear synthetic fabrics, meant especially for sports and athletic use. These wicking materials absorb the least moisture and help avoid chafing.

Go Seamless 

Seams on garments, especially on innerwear can cause friction and irritate the skin. Most modern sportswear has options for innerwear and undergarments that come without a seam so you don’t feel the painful rubbing when you are running.
Find the right fit
If you thought loose, baggy t-shirts and vests were good for running, then you might be mistaken. The more extra fabric you have for your body to interact with, the more it rubs against the skin. Replace it with tight-fitting and snug bras, tees, or vests so there is no chance of friction. Modern activewear like compression shorts can protect your inner thighs so you face least abrasions while you are running.


Before you get to your daily running routine, apply a proper lubricant to the chafing-prone areas of your body. Consider a protective cream formulated with organic extracts. RAW NATURE’s Chafing-Ease cream with Cedarwood and lavender can help prevent itching and form an anti-chafing barrier when you apply it to your sensitive inner thigh areas before you run. Formulated with pure botanical ingredients, you can use this daily. Himalayan Cedarwood has a natural anti-fungal and antiseptic properties while essential oils of Lavender soothe irritation and stops bacteria build-up.


If the weather is too hot and humid for lubrication, consider a dry solution that keeps friction at bay. RAW NATURE’s Friction Defence Talc Spray with Eucalyptus, Tea Tree & Mint is an all-natural anti-irritant blend. Available in a convenient spray talc form, you can target the areas that get most affected. Infused with medicinal properties of wild eucalyptus, tea tree oil, and mint extracts, the talc can prevent chafing, irritations and skin infections that arise from sweat and moisture. 

Stay Hydrated

The salt from our sweat can have a scraping effect on the delicate areas, where friction is the highest. To avoid extra perspiration, runners must stay hydrated. It is advisable to drink at least two to three litres of water and other fluids throughout the day. Water maintains the hydration levels of your body and minimizes the salt quotient in your sweat glands. 


A well-moisturized body, keeps the skin nourished and less prone to chafing. Consider a mild, natural lotion that reduces the roughness of your skin and saves it from abrasion, when you are running.

Treat & Heal

Besides taking preventive care, runners also need to heal the bruises that have already occurred. Neglecting chafed inner thighs and chamois areas can lead to serious skin concerns in future. Hence, it is important that you soothe the worn out skin right away. Indulge in a liberal application of chamois cream from RAW NATURE. Made with naturally derived rice bran wax and rosemary oil, this highly effective blend of exotic botanical ingredients can heal the tenderness of scraped skin and soothe irritations. 

Keep It Clean

All skin issues have one common solution- cleanliness. Maintaining a hygiene routine after every running regime can save your skin from developing further concerns. Always shower after a run, preferably with warm water. Indulge in antiseptics and antibacterial agents to get rid of germs.

Running can be exhilarating. Don’t let a painful obstacle like chafing ruin the experience. Preventing, treating and observing hygiene can go a long way in keeping your skin healthy. So, you can keep blazing the trails!

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