The Importance of Grooming Tailored for Indian Weather Conditions

The art of grooming is an all-encompassing one that allows everyone to enjoy its privileges and keep the beauty quotient high. However, the world being as it is, every country, and the regions within have their own concept of beauty and grooming. Their respective geographical location, weather conditions, availability of resources and even local culture, influence their grooming regime. Therefore, one country’s beauty routine might not be effective for another. For example, people in African nations use thicker oils to treat their genetically coarse hair texture. On the other hand, oiling is an occasional practice in colder western countries. In a country like India, for instance, the hot and humid climatic pattern causes our skin type and hair condition to be the way they are. As a developing country, influenced by global culture, Indian beauty and grooming regimens incorporate quite a lot of ideas and suggestions from the developed nations. However, most of them are generic solutions that are most unlikely to work on the Indian genes.

At RAW NATURE, we believe that grooming should be tailored for every individual. More so for the Indian weather conditions, to suit our skin type, tone, hair texture and of course our overall lifestyle. 

Here are our best reasons to acknowledge and understand the importance of beauty and grooming customized for Indians: 

1) The Indian DNA causes our skin to produce more melanin than our fellow Caucasian or Oriental population. This is further affected and aggravated by pollution, dust and the tropical sun. Hence, using a product manufactured in Europe or suggested by Latin beauty experts might not be effective on our skin or hair. 

2) For generations, Indians have been exposed to the harsh environment, coupled with the ever-increasing hectic lifestyle. This causes stress on our mind and body alike. Though modern life is stressful around the world, the levels of stress vary from economy to economy. This, in turn, becomes an important factor that defines how we look. 

3) Indians have evolved with a certain kind of diet, which predisposes us to certain diseases and health concerns like PCOS, diabetes, etc. Such biological structure also tends to influence the quality of our skin and hair.

4) Most commonly available beauty and grooming products today are formulated with the global consumer in mind. They are developed and marketed by scientists and experts in countries like the United States, Korea, Japan, Germany, Sweden etc. As much as they are well designed and beneficial, they rarely meet the Indian beauty needs. 

5) Traditionally, the Indian DNA is used to botanical ingredients, sourced from different elements of nature. And even today, our skin and hair react better to all-natural blends. 

RAW NATURE harnesses the power of active organic ingredients, naturalized in the heart of nature across ancient sources around the world. Our high-performance botanical extracts are designed to be highly effective on the Indian skin and hair texture. Hand-picked, wild harvested plants, herbs, flowers, and minerals, come together in a unique formulation to protect the typical Indian skin and hair types from prolonged effects of elements around you. To introduce yourself to our innovative grooming solutions, you can choose from RAW NATURE Starter Kits that will give you a peep into this world of exotic natural elements. 

Take your pick from any of these and get started:

RAW NATURE Hair Care Essentials

This hair treatment series comprises a volcanic green clay shampoo, complemented with a hair oil made with wild Citrodora and Clary sage. The duo effectively treats Indian hair that faces daily stickiness due to sweat, humidity and dust.

RAW NATURE Clay & Charcoal Series

An earthy collection of deep exfoliation, this collection combines mineral-rich volcanic clay, bamboo charcoal and Acai Berry oil. Cleansing and detoxifying, this series is the best indulgence amidst a hectic lifestyle.

RAW NATURE Moisturizing Mandatories

This trio combines an ultra-light moisturizer with Himalayan Cedarwood, night cream with Helichrysum, and a chamois cream with rosemary oil, to keep skin irritations at bay. 

RAW NATURE Skincare Essentials

Though the Indian weather is hot and humid, most of the year, many of us still face dry skin issues and lack of hydration. This series is to treat the dry and sensitive skin, without leaving a greasy residue. 

RAW NATURE Transformation series 

Formulated with ancient volcanic clay and activated bamboo charcoal, this collection gives you an all-rounder solution to fight pollution, leaving your skin and hair healthy and radiant. 

Every individual has the privilege of a grooming regime. But only when it tailored to their needs, it becomes the most effective.

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