The Most Efficient Men's Grooming Products Money Can Buy

Money can neither buy happiness nor good looks. But money can definitely help you find the right tools to keep you looking at your dapper best.

For every man, it is important to set a proper grooming routine to stay decidedly handsome, every time you set out for your daily adventures. And no, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg or your precious time. To find a simple and economical regimen, you need to shop strategically. Because, the less complicated it is, the more chances are that you would continue ahead. Finding the right grooming essentials is not only a smart investment but will also have effective results on you, thus making you stick to your practice.

Here’s a list of efficient grooming products that money can buy to make your stay your handsome best:

Night Cream

Age, prolonged exposure to natural elements, pollution and not to mention, a stressful lifestyle can lead to severe damage of your skin thus making you look older than you actually are. More than fighting the age, skin breakage can lead to severe dermatological issues in the long run. So, maybe it’s time to start taking care right now. Go for a night time regimen of cleansing with a mild face wash to get rid of the day’s grime, sweat and heat. Follow with an intensely hydrating cream like RAW NATURE’s Night Cream with Helichrysum and Sage Oil. Made with exotic natural ingredients from the Mediterranean, this nourishing lotion not only detoxifies and hydrates but also fights signs of ageing.

Hair Oil

A pertinent issue with most men as they get older is their hair. From thinning volume, hair-fall, to a receding hairline and premature greying, the male mane poses a threat to most. And to counter that, you need to take regular care of your hair along with a healthy diet and sleeping habit. Indulge in a daily practice of oiling and washing. Consider RAW NATURE’s Hair Oil with Citriodora and Clary Sage Oil. Suitable for all hair types, this naturally made product contains about five to six essential oils, which provide hydration to your scalp and keep your hair smooth. 

Hair Wax

Having a ‘bad hair day’ every day? Forget hair gels or sprays and opt for hair wax, made with natural ingredients. RAW NATURE’s Hair Wax with Sunflower Wax works wonders on those stressed tresses by giving a soft, medium hold, without making it wiry. Its non-greasy elements give your hair the much-needed nourishment as well as a flawless style so you can go about your day carefree.

Protective Balm

Grooming is not only about taking care of what people can see but also for the unseen areas. Below the belt care is not a luxury but an absolute necessity for any man. Keeping those sensitive areas free of any irritation and chafing can protect you from further skin complications and a lead to a more hygienic you. Consider using a protective salve like RAW NATURE’s Chamois Cream with Rosemary Oil & Rice Bran Wax. Its naturally soothing ingredients help in preventing chafing and inflammation, thus keeping your delicate region free of irritation and bacteria build-up.


The right fragrance defines the scent of a man and his persona. And who doesn’t like to smell great? A few drops of aftershave, followed by a spritz of cologne with similar notes, can keep you fragrant all-day long. Want to get rid of the overnight sweat smell? Add a few drops of eau de toilette to your bath and you could smell amazing all night through the morning.

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