The Raw Nature Guide to a World Class Beard

The hirsute man is the new male identity. Call it a fad, or just an experimental approach to don a different look, beards have become the modern man’s secret to looking decidedly handsome. Over the last decade or so, we have seen more men sporting a facial mane and styling it in the most creative ways ever. However, as much as it looks great and fascinating on others, growing your own beard can be a daunting journey. Even after endless trials and errors, you still find your favourite ‘Instagram look’ to be far-fetched. Because let’s admit it- there is no magic potion that will make your beard grow overnight. But having said that, there are definitely a few things that can contribute to a healthy fuzz.

So, if you are committed to making a statement with your beard and are ready for the long haul, then here are a few golden rules to follow:

Be Persistent
Before you start any beard-care regime, you have to psyche yourself to be patient and persistent. Hair growth depends a lot on your age, genetics, etc. And every individual has their own personal speed of beard growth and volume. These are some of the things that are beyond your control and require you to be patient.

Stay Healthy
The next most important thing to take care of is your choice of lifestyle. Hair growth largely depends on your general health and well-being. This entails a balanced diet of whole grains, proteins, fats etc, coupled with a good night’s sleep. Because, believe it or not, your beard grows the most when your body is at rest. Another important element to this healthy routine is a good amount of daily exercise, which increases blood flow and boosts testosterone, a hormone responsible for hair growth in men. So, the more attention you pay to your health, the better your beard will be.

Care About Washing
Keeping your beard clean is highly essential if you want it to be healthy. Washing enough can get rid of the dead skin cells on your facial hair, which otherwise hinder fresh growth. However, make sure you don’t wash your beard too often so it retains its natural oils, keeping your skin hydrated. Also, finding the right cleaning product can go a long way in maintaining your beard health. Make sure to stay away from chemical laden products and opt for natural cleansers that are formulated with high-performance organic extracts. RAW NATURE’s Beard Wash with Bamboo Charcoal and Acai oil is an invigorating blend of natural ingredients. The activated bamboo charcoal deep cleanses while nourishing your tough facial hair, and the oil extracted from hand-picked Amazonian Acai Berries stimulates beard growth.

Indulge In Oiling
Just like your hair, the beard also needs conditioning with oils. Regular oiling keeps your facial skin moisturized and nourished, thus promoting hair growth. Natural solutions like RAW NATURE’s Beard Oils with active botanical ingredients do wonders to your beard and to the skin beneath. Take your pick from Coffee Bean Oil or Patchouli Cinnamon Oil. The caffeine-rich Coffee Bean oil with Arabica beans is a natural stimulant and adds strength to your hair roots while conditioning the skin. On the other hand, if you have a dry beard problem, then the warm and spicy blend of Patchouli and cinnamon will be just about right. The natural healing properties of this nutritive oil get rid of itch and irritations, leaving your beard feeling healthy.

Comb Often
The art of combing and brushing is not just a feminine activity anymore. If you are to indulge in a copious facial mane, then you need to get into the habit of combing and brushing your beard often. It keeps the hair tidy and clean, removes dead cells, dirt, dust etc. Also, combing while oiling your beard also helps distribute the oil evenly. Regular combing can give a direction to your beard growth, while also helping you style it the way you want.

These are a few simple guidelines from RAW NATURE to help you achieve world-class beard that you desire. By resorting to safe, highly effective, naturally-sourced products, you can give a growth boost to your facial hair and maintain your beard health; you can now achieve that ‘Instagram Look’ you have been vying for!

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