The RAW NATURE Guide to Skin Types

The fundamentals of skincare is not a woman’s prerogative anymore. The millennial man is equally conscious, concerned and considers skincare to be an essential part of their lifestyle. However, when it comes to taking care of the most important and largest organ of the body, you cannot afford any trial and error. Before you kick-off your daily skincare regimen, you as a conscious man, need to understand
your skin type and what can work for you.

Your skin and you

Men’s skin is largely different from women, in terms of thickness, density and collagen content, texture and pH balance. Men also tend to have a rougher skin texture and a higher amount of sebum secretion as compared to women. By virtue of the genetic make-up, men tend to sweat a lot and have a considerable amount of lactic acid in their sweat. Skin types can also vary with age, lifestyle changed or external
conditions like temperature and humidity in the air. The modern man has started realizing the harsh effects of prolonged exposure to the elements on his skin and wants to leave no stone unturned to protect it. So, before you stock your skincare supplies, allured by exotic names and smart marketing campaigns, enlighten yourself with some basic knowledge on skin types and where do you stand.


RAW NATURE brings you a comprehensive list of the different skin types of men, along with their respective grooming solutions. With products made with exotic ingredients, sourced from the heart of nature, your skin gets the right pampering and protection it needs from the harsh weather, pollution and stress.

Skin Type: Normal

You know you have normal skin if you have a glowing face, with little or no deficiencies, and are slightly sensitive. In normal skin, the pores are barely visible, because the elasticity is well maintained.

How to care for your normal skin - Because there is no apparent ‘issue’ with your skin, all you need to do is retain the hydration level and provide an adequate amount of moisture to remain healthy. To maintain the health of your normal skin, RAW NATURE’s Charcoal and Quinoa Face Wash is just about right. Formulated for daily use, this activated charcoal cleanser purifies and nourishes your delicate facial skin.

Skin Type - Oily

You will know that you have oily skin if you have a thick complexion and you often encounter spots, blackheads or other imperfections. You will find your skin to be greasy often and easily, while your skin pores will be visible.

How to Care for Oily Skin- Made from the rich natural properties of ancient Brazilian mud, this RAW Nature’s Green Clay Face Wash exfoliates the excess oil from your facial skin, thus keeping your face free of pollutants and dust, which cause whiteheads, blackheads and acne.

Skin Type - Dry

You know you have dry skin when you have a dull or matted complexion, with nearly invisible pores. Dry skin tends to feel less elastic, due to lack of hydration and gives away fine lines creases.

How to care for dry skin - RAW NATURE’s Red Clay Face Wash, infused with volcanic clay from the heart of Amazonian Rainforests, helps reduce dryness, restored hydration, thus reducing fine lines and increasing the elasticity of your tough male skin.

Skin Type: - Sensitive

You know you have sensitive skin, when you easily experience burning or itching sensation, along with dryness and redness of the affected area. How to care for your sensitive skin- RAW NATURE’s Ultra-Light Moisturizer with Caramel & Cedarwood nourished and hydrates, without any sticky build-up or oily residue, and its distinctly masculine aroma keeps you feeling refreshed all day long.

Skin Type - Combination

You know your skin is a combination type of skin when you have a mild sheen on your complexion but it is not oily. Also, this condition persists around the forehead, nose areas and chin.

How to care for combination skin - RAW NATURE’s Night Cream with Helichrysum and Sage Oil, provides hydration, while detoxifying and nourishing all skin types. Its absorbent, antioxidant properties render a matte look and work on combination skin.

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