These tips for deep cleansing your skin in Summer are ‘Two Good’

The great Indian Summer is just around the corner. And with that, comes along your new summer collection of clothes. Ready to deck up? Hold on, forgetting something? Your skin? After all, what’s that new wardrobe good for without great looking skin? Here’s how to give it some oomph.

Hydrate your skin

You need to moisturize and hydrate your skin inside-out. That means applying a natural moisturizer on the outside and drinking at least 8 glasses of water to cleanse it from inside. 

Let the skin breathe

Don’t put on too much make up or skin creams, which can choke your skin and clog all those pores. You don’t want to end up looking like a hot dry pan.

Keep it clean

Have a skin-cleansing regimen that includes cleansing, exfoliation and moisturising. Wondering whether you need 3 different products for this regimen? No, you don’t, just one product from Raw Nature can offer you the best grooming experience ever. How? With two unbelievable ingredients!

We are talking about Activated Charcoal and Volcanic Clay

Yes, two completely natural ingredients found in the deep pockets of the earth’s surface, ensure your skin looks spotless. Raw Nature’s Activated Charcoal Series and Volcanic Clay Series are filled with the earthy goodness of mother nature and are also free from all chemicals, animal testing and animal by-products.   

Now, your next question would be:

Why Activated Charcoal? 

Black is the new beautiful with Activated Charcoal

It turns out that charcoal has more use in our daily life than we thought. It’s not just for those yummy barbeque parties. A form of activated charcoal can add sparkle to your skin too. And we’re not talking about any charcoal. Raw Nature’s Activated Charcoal comes from the most exotic bamboo plantations from France.

So, what’s special about it?

Super absorbent

The activated bamboo charcoal absorbs up to 200 times its weight. That’s a lot of impurity getting off your shoulder, or rather, your face.

Natural and unique global ingredients for the unique you

Apart from bamboo, we source natural ingredients from the far corners of the globe. Like the Quinoa from Peru in South America, which replenishes your skin. And maize seeds fromMexico that exfoliate your skin ever so gently. Yes, all blended together to offer you natural beauty, without the chemicals.      

Why Volcanic Clay?

Make clay while the sun shines

We all know that Volcano is hot molten lava, which flows and destroys pretty much everything in its path. Although, what most of you don’t know is when volcanic ash combines with water it forms Volcanic Clay. And it is this mixture, which is being proclaimed as the new elixir for your skin, by beauty experts. Yes, like a volcano destroys elements around it, Raw Nature’s Volcanic Clay Series eliminates all impurities on your skin.

A natural vacuum cleaner

This face cleanser is like a vacuum cleaner at home. It sucks all excess oils, dust, pollution and other radicals on your skin. Plus, it’s loaded with natural minerals that revive and refresh your skin.

From the deep corners of the earth to deep cleansing of your skin

Nothing but the pure is our motto. There’s a little bit of volcano in every drop of our volcanic clay face wash, body wash, shampoo and soap. We source the purest form of volcanic clay from the deepest pits in the Amazon region of Brazil. The volcanic clay is formulated with other natural ingredients to offer the finest and the most incredible face wash and body wash experience ever.

There’s more to Raw Nature

True to its name, Raw Nature has one of the most natural ranges of hair care, beard care and skin care products. Check it out today.  

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