Sorry face wash, you are not my skin type - 5 tips to select the best face wash

Thought your facial cleanser is like a knight in shining armour to save your face from all that dust, pollution and toxins in the air? Not if you are using the wrong type of facewash or one that does not match your skin type.


But first what does a face wash do?

We all go for a car wash once a while to clean and open up clogged areas of the car and engine. Similarly, a face wash gets rid of all that dirt, bacteria, sweat, sebum and dead cells from your skin. It clears out the pores of the skin, which allows it to breathe and increase circulation of blood and anti-oxidants.


That’s great. So, what’s the problem?

There are too many products out there in the market. So, making a decision to buy the best face wash for your skin becomes very tricky.


Here are a few tips to get your doubts and skin sorted  


What’s your type?

Like our physical appearance, we all have different skin types. Therefore, the first rule of thumb is to choose a face wash according to your skin type. If you have oily skin, then you need a facial cleanser that will absorb all that extra oil, sheen and grease on your face. Similarly, if you have dry and flaky skin, it’s time to get a face wash that hydrates to make your skin look soft and supple throughout the day. Then there are also products out there for the combination skin, which is a mix of oily and dry skin.


Be sensitive towards your skin

If you have sensitive skin, you better stay away from those harsh chemicals and preservatives like parabens, which can affect your endocrine system and are carcinogenic.


Look out for the sulphates 

Ever noticed the back label of your facial cleanser? If you spot a certain SLS, SLES or any other form of sulphate, it’s a good idea to switch to another facial cleanser now. That’s because these compounds are like detergents, which add plenty of lather to your product but leave your skin bereft of essential natural oils. Detergents are good on clothes, not on your face or skin.


Keep the fragrances away

Scents are best when applied on your body and not on your face. That’s because certain fragrances contain skin irritants, which can cause allergy and itchiness. It’s best to use safe, natural facial cleansers.


Speaking of natural, this is the best facial cleanser for you 

Whether you are looking for the best face wash for dry skin or oily skin, try the all natural and chemical-free range of facial cleansers from RawNature.    


What sets them apart


Play safe

When you apply any product from nature, you can be rest assured of safety. That means no allergens, toxins or endocrine disruptors get in contact with your skin.


Crafted by nature not chemicals

RawNature’s facial cleansers are chemical-free and paraben-free, which means no artificial preservatives, chemicals and fragrances are used in formulating each product.


Made in nature

RawNature products are meticulously crafted with the finest ingredients like Volcanic Green Clay, Volcanic Red Clay, Quinoa seeds and French Bamboo Activated Charcoal. So, whether you are looking for a face wash for dry skin or oily skin, these ingredients offer natural cleansing and exfoliation, which reduce blackheads, treat pimples and control skin breakouts and acne. Plus, the ingredients like Volcanic Clay eliminate excess oils on the skin. Also, they improve the overall skin texture.


Not tested on animals 

According to a leading research study by Cruelty Free International, more than a 100 million animals are used in experiments all over the world. RawNature is not one of those brands that harm animals. The products are not tested on any animals. They are vegan and use ingredients strictly within the safe permissible limits prescribed by EcoCert. That’s not all, RawNature is also a PETA- certified cruelty-free brand. It’s not just vegan diet anymore, brands are taking that leap too.


Is it just facial cleansers?

No, RawNature contains an impressive line up of naturally made grooming essentials. These include shampoos, beard oil, body wash, soap bars and moisturizers to name a few. Check the entire collection now.



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I dont know my skin type.

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