What to Expect From a Natural Shampoo?

The decision of switching from your conventional shampoo to an all-natural hair wash is a big one. Such changes can be daunting, for your hair as well as your psyche. Because, believe it or not, even dealing with detox, adopting a healthier solution, a new washing routine, could be challenging. Having said that, it is beyond a doubt that a natural shampoo is only good for your hair. So much so that you would wish you had done it sooner. The highly effective and active ingredients of a naturally formulated shampoo nourish your hair just the way it should be. So, before you start pondering over your newfound hair solution, you must know what to expect from a natural shampoo.

It is low-foam and low lather

You are most naturally used to a bubbly, foamy bath on the days when you indulge in a liberal hair wash. As much as bubbles and froth are fun, your hair doesn’t feel the same way. Commonly available shampoos that you buy off-the-shelf of your grocery store, might give you a squeaky clean feeling, but it also strips your scalp off its natural oils and moisture, thus leaving your hair feeling dry and frizzy.

The ingredients speak for themselves

When you are changing to an all-natural shampoo, the best way to find the right one is to look for ingredients that suit your hair type. Check for substances that are ‘naturally derived’, i.e. they are made from substances available in nature like plants, fruits, minerals, clay, water etc. Also, ensure that your shampoo is free of harmful chemicals and artificial substances like paraben, phthalates, sulfates etc. Anything truly organic would not need any of these ingredients to preserve it, thanks to innovation in naturally obtained preservatives etc.

Rework your hair wash routine

Most natural shampoos are thick in texture, unlike most of your conventional hair cleansers. You can dilute these organic blends to suit your washing need, by adding a little water to it. Also, you may notice a lack of heavy lather in natural shampoos. This is because natural shampoos do not contain foaming agents. Don’t misunderstand this feature for ‘not cleaning enough’ or that your hair needs more shampoo at once. Rather, repeat the washing process. While the first wash cleans your scalp from dirt and grime, the second wash gives nourishment and hydration to your scalp and hair shaft. Repeated washing allows the natural substances to penetrate deep into the follicles and provide nutrition.

Natural shampoos can give you delayed results

You might be too used to the illusions of instant results from your regular shampoo- like fast drying of hair, extra shine, silkiness Nevertheless, natural shampoos take time to adjust to your hair type and washing routine. Hence, you might not see immediate changes in your hair. Not to be mistaken for ‘the wrong product’, natural shampoos take time to show results, and when they do, they are for long term. 

Your hair might need an ‘adjustment period’

Like our mind, body, and other organs, our hair also needs an adjustment period, when you subject it to change. When you are shifting from artificial to natural shampoos, your hair might take a few days to adapt to the new product, by feeling heavier and oilier than usual.

Natural shampoos are raw in content

Imagine pampering your hair with the most exotic ingredients, supercharged with the raw goodness of nature’s gifts. Like RAW NATURE’s Green Clay shampoo, for example. Made from volcanic clay, sourced straight from the heart of Amazonian rainforests, this shampoo comes with the purest form of clay minerals. In addition, the oil extract of the power-fruit Acai Berry deep cleanses the oily scalp and keeps your hair healthy and hydrated. Such nutritive natural substances form natural barriers to your hair follicles, protecting it from harmful elements. 

Natural shampoos are safe but not all of them

It is undoubtedly good to switch to natural hair solutions. But everything that is ‘natural’ might not be safe for the human body. That is why you need to ensure that the new natural shampoo you are considering switching to is also safe and free from SLS, SLES, Parabens, MEA, DEA, TEA, Petrolatum, Phthalates, Ethoxylates and Silicones. 

Natural shampoo is undoubtedly better for your hair and beneficial for the environment. All it would take is a little time getting used to it. But once it does, your hair will feel cleaner and healthier from deep within.

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