Hi there! Welcome to the RawNature Clean Beauty Circle. Here are some simple guidelines to help you enjoy this membership to the fullest!
  1. All members are expected to keep their Clean Beauty Circle content & interactions respectful

  2. All members need to do the following for any of their contest entries to qualify
    Tag RawNature
    Use the correct hashtag
    Tag your friends to join in

  3.  All members are expected to understand the following regarding selection of winners -
    They will be chosen as per the parameters specified in the caption
    Multiple entries for the same contest will bear no effect on the chances of winning
    Every contest will have different winners

  4. RawNature reserves the right to remove or omit members at their discretion, especially if -
    The profile is a bot or a contest only profile
    The contest entries tag other brands/use other branded hashtags
    Any misbehaviour or inappropriate use of membership

  5. All members are expected to clarify any doubts regarding their rewards before receiving it. Returns will not be accepted.

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